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Jennifer finally said what many fans have been thinking for quite some time! Taniel WILL NEVER BE JACK! Too bad she didn't mean it. Ugh. Intolerable as ever, these two.

The DiMera living room scenes were all kinds of awkward, but Will's weird bowing thing made me laugh anyway.

Eric may have gotten that ominous email or whatever, but he is still boring as fuck!

Sami ...well..yeah...I got nothing. She sucks as hard as ever and as ever was trying too hard in her scenes...as usual. with crappy results.

Nicole's "umpteen kids and supposed career" line was probably the best of the episode.

I hate that Kate and Rafe are behaving as though in a real relationship. What happened to the Kate I love???

And...it is official. I am totall and completely on board the good ship Vargas. I am loving this guy. He was great vs. Nick and his was GREAT in scenes with Nicole. Therefore I full expect the show to fuck it up. *sigh* I'd much rather keep Vargas around and cut some of the dead weight...Ahem... Daniel, Jennifer, Chad, etc.

All in all a mediocre episode for me.
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