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Director: Albert Alarr
Scriptwriter: Janet Iacobuzio

Segment 1: Sami comes into the rectory. She and Eric talk Easter. Nicole comes in talking to Eric about Vargas. When she sees Sami she says hi and wishes her a Happy Easter. Sami - Thanks. Who's Vargas? Eric - Vargas just got released from Statesville. We're helping him get his footing on the outside. Sami - Isn't that dangerous? Hiring a criminal to ... Oh. Nicole - Wow. I actually didn't agree with it either but now I think it's worthwhile. Sami - Really, what changed your mind? Nicole - What's it to you? Eric takes a call. Is it safe to leave you two alone. Sami - Yes of course. He leaves. Sami - You know Nicole, you couldn't be more obvious. Nicole - What? Sami - You, living in a convent, working at the church. I know exactly what you're after.

Nick is in the park near the square. Vargas comes up behind him and says Hello Nicky. Nick sees that Vargas is holding a pipewrench. Vargas - You look pale. Nick - What are ... how ... Vargas - A few days early for April Fool's so this must be real, right? He wields the pipe like he's going to use it. Nick - I can't be seen with you. Vargas - Why not Nicky? I'm a free man. I paid my debt to society. In fact, I served more time than I had to thanks to you. Nick - Don't do this. Vargas - What am I doing? Speaking the truth. Nick - The whole thing was a mistake. Vargas - Oh yeah, your mistake.

Will arrives at the DiMera mansion at EJ's request. EJ heard that Will had changed his mind. You want Nick Fallon taken care of. Will - Sounds like you are very clear on what needs to be done. EJ is. I will do anything to make sure you are clear. You ask my father for a favour and he agrees to grant you that favour, there can't be any vascillating or any ambiguity. Will - Meaning? EJ - It's a fait accompli. It's irrevocable.

Rafe and Kate make arrangements to meet at his place after work. Stefano walks into the square. Katherine. Rafe - Look who it is. I've got to admit Stefano that Salem PD is glad to have you back in our jurisdiction. It's been pretty dull around here without you to keep tabs on. Stefano laughs - I imagine it has been but you know, you solved my murder so fast, so complete, I bet it's still bothering you, huh. Katherine, I seem to have walked in on a private conversation between you and the detective here. Kate - As a matter of fact you did. I was asking about Gabi's health. She is after all carrying Will's baby. Rafe - Gabi is doing great. She especially liked that gift of a spa day. Kate is glad. Rafe - So I'll see you around Stefano. He leaves. Kate - I was hoping to never lay eyes on you again. Oh well. Stefano - Before you go I would like you to meet someone.

Anne comes over to Dan's apt with a bottle of spirits - they can indulge with her son away. What did I miss? Chloe - I just got back from seeing Jennifer and Daniel should be there now. Anne - What! They're getting back together again. Chloe - Or just the opposite. Anne - Do you have a fever or something; I don't understand what you're saying. Chloe - It's just whatever is happening over there, it could go either way. That's why I'm falling apart. Anne - I don't get what you're saying. Do you think Daniel is going to tell Jennifer to take a hike once and for all. Chloe - No, the other way around but you never know with Jennifer and that's why I'm a wreck. Anne - I hate that I can't be a Pollyanna here but even if Jennifer knows the right thing to do is to let Daniel go, she's going to do what's best for her.

Dan comes over to Jen's with a bouquet of flowers in hand. She invites him in. He can see she's been crying. Did something happen? Jen - Yeah. Dan - Is it someone here. Jen - No, they just left. Dan - Who was here? Jen - Lucas was here. Dan - Gosh, he upset you. I'm so sorry. Jen - We're fine really. Did you have a chance to talk to Chloe yet? No. He left her messages to call him. Maybe she knows why because she hasn't called me back. But when I do get a hold of her I'm going to let her know once and for all that you and I, we are together for good! Nothing, no one, is ever going to come between us. Nobody! Jen? Hey, what is it? What's wrong?

Segment 2: Stefano introduces Kate to Cicely (she's very young). Kate - Lovely to meet you. Stefano - Katherine is my most recent wife. Kate - Yes, regrettably, that is true but fortunately that situation was remedied. I hope my dear that you don't suffer the same fate. Ciao.

Will - Unfortunately asking Stefano for help is really my last option. I'm sure you understand that I couldn't live with being shut out of my baby's life. EJ is really sorry that he ended up in this situation. I understand why you're going to my father. Will - I hope so. I'm just a little worried ... do you think Stefano will expect some kind of payment from me in turn for helping me out. EJ - Reading my father's mind is not my best event. Will - I'm just afraid he's going to blackmail me again. EJ - He may also take sympathy in your situation. He may help you out of the goodness of his heart without any payback expected or required. Will - I guess I'll have to wait and see. EJ - I have to ask you something. When your mother went to you with this idea you were adamantly against it. Why did you change your mind?

Vargas - I was big enough to overlook your mistake. I protected you. We had a deal. Nick - I'm on parole. If we're seen together ... Vargas - By who Nicky? Your little bride? Nice work btw. She's hot even with the baby bump. You sure do move fast. Nick - You stay the hell away from her. Vargas - Wrong thing to say Nicky.

Nicole doesn't know what Sami is talking about. Sami - I know that there is one reason and one reason only that you are clinging to this job by your fingernails and I know what that reason is. Nicole recalls her fantasies about Eric. Nicole has to get back to work. Sami - Fine. Hang on to this fake halo that you're hoping people will see over your head right now. But I'm telling you, no matter what you do, no matter where you work, no one is going to forget or forgive you for everything you have done to them; especially not this recent episode with Jennifer.

Dan - Something happened to you because you're obviously upset. Jen - I am. There is no easy way to do this.

Segment 3: Will asks if they are still friends. EJ would like to think so. Will - Then if I share a bit of private information with you can I trust you not to share it with my mom. EJ - That depends. Will - I can't tell you unless I have your word because if my mom found out about this I'm sure she'd find some way to make it worse. Please. EJ - You have my word. Will - Nick didn't force me to sign those papers because of what Mom did, that was a convenient excuse. Basically he wanted me out of my daughter's life because I'm gay.

Nick - Look I'm sorry. I ... Vargas - The first thing out of a man's mouth is what he really means. Didn't I teach you that? Nick - Vargas, listen, my wife has been through hell. It's been a really hard time and we have a baby ... Vargas - You think I give a damn about your wife and baby. I care about our deal. You do remember our deal right. Nick remembers. Vargas - I'm a handyman now over at the church. Nick - You're what? Vargas - Yeah, your cousin Hope, she set it up for me. And that young priest guy, Eric, he's been helping me out too. But you and I, we've got something bigger planned, right? So I'm going to change some lightbulbs, dust the baptismal font. You just take care of that knockout wife of yours and you wait. I'll be in touch when the time is right.

Nicole - For a woman with umpteen kids and a supposed career you sure do have a lot of time on your hands. Sami - What exactly is that supposed to mean? Nicole - It means, why don't you put your energy into your own screwed up life and stay the hell out of mine. Vargas walks up and overhears the argument. Sami - That's what you'd like, for the people of this town to focus on themselves and forget about everything you have done especially to Jennifer. You used the death of your own child to try and ruin her life. Nicole - Really, you're going to keep doing this? Sami - You don't even seem sorry about it. Nicole - How do you know what I am? How dare you come in here and judge me! Oh I'm sorry, is Sami Brady's house made of shatterproof glass? Is that why you think you can be so brutal to people when your life has been one catastrophe after another? Sami - All I'm trying to say is if you think anyone in town is buying this sister act, you're wrong. And if you really are trying to atone for something, I don't know if this is the place for you to do it. One more thing, if you hurt my brother in any way, I will make you pay. After Sami leaves Vargas comes in. Are you okay?

Kate finds Rafe in front of the Brady Pub. So how did it go? Did Stefano suspect anything? Kate - Well Stefano suspects something every minute of the day which is why we have to be careful. I don't want to see anything happen to you. Nick walks up.

Jen - Since we got back from Smith Island I've been feeling really uneasy. It hit me that everything is moving so fast in both of our lives; maybe too fast. Dan - If you're worried about me being direct with Chloe ... Jen - It's not that at all. You are a man of your word and you always have been. I've been rethinking things ... and I'm not ready for this relationship. Not now and not ever.

Segment 4: Nick turns to leave but both Rafe and Kate call out to him. Rafe - I've been wanting to talk to you now for a while. Nick - It's not really a good time for me. Rafe - Well make it a good time.

EJ - Nick, a homophobe? I don't know him very well ... Will - He called Sonny a faggot. EJ - Sorry. Now I understand why you're so angry. It's one thing to sign over the rights to a child, it's another thing to watch them being raised ... Will - I can't do it. EJ - Have you talked to Gabi about this? Will - No and I can't tell her. EJ - I know. You tell her, she confronts Nick, Nick exposes you for shooting me. Will - And it's not ust me that would suffer. It's my dad, my grandfather, Aunt Hope - they could all lose their jobs or worse. EJ - You're a good man. You're going to be a wonderful father. And my father and I, we will take care of that. Will - Okay.

Nicole - I'm fine, thanks. Vargas - The door was open and I heard some of what that woman said to you. Nicole - We have a lot of history, that woman and I. Sami, she can be lethal especially when we're alone. Vargas - Maybe you should be careful of being alone too much. Nicole - I try not to be. Vargas - What was her name anyway? Nicole - That was Sami Brady, Father Eric's twin. Vargas - I guess the spiritual thing doesn't run in the family, huh. Nicole - So how much did you hear? Vargas - I heard that you lost your baby. I'm sorry. How long ago was that? Nicole - A few months. It was just before Father Eric came back to town. Vargas - How far along were you? Nicole - Almost term. Vargas - I'm really sorry. Nicole - Thanks. Vargas - If you don't mind all my questions, what was Sami saying about you were trying to blame it on someone else. Nicole - I made is sound like someone tried to hurt me and the baby. I lied. I lived a life full of mistakes, terrible mistakes. This is the worst one I've ever made.

Anne and Chloe are now at the outdoor cafe. Anne - What! You sent your kid to Brazil! Chloe - With my mother. Anne - Okay, I'm listening. Chloe - I'm going to go and join them and stay there if Jennifer doesn't agree to give up Daniel and stay away from him and Parker for good. Anne - You're serious. Chloe - Why would I make this up? Anne - What if it doesn't work? What if Jennifer tells him this crazy plan. She could just tell him that you threatened to take his kid away for good, then what? Chloe - Okay, so it's risky but the reward is high. And I think that Jennifer, as much as I can't stand her, she knows that if Daniel had to choose, he'd choose his son. Anne - Hear me out. Let's just say worst case scenario and Jennifer tells Daniel everything, can he come after you? Could he keep Parker out of your life. Chloe - No, he can't. My birth certificate redo was a bust. Nobody's listed as Parker's father so technically Daniel has no legal rights to him whatsoever. Anne - I have to tell you woman that you have a lot of hootzpah! Chloe - I hold all the cards.

Dan - Jen, what are you doing? Jen - I'm begging you not to fight me ... Dan - I'm not fighting. We have made our way back to each other. After that incredible time on Smith Island this is what you say about us? That you can't do this relationship now? Jen - I had some time to think, that's all. Dan - I don't believe you. I can sense that there's something you're not telling me. OMG, it's Chloe. She got to you somehow. Jen denies that but Dan doesn't buy it. This is why she's ignoring me. You have to tell me what she said to you. Jen - Don't do this please. Dan - You need to tell me what she did to you please.

Segment 5: Sami comes in and is happy to see Will. EJ was just explaining to Will exactly what making a deal with Stefano means. They hear Stefano's voice. EJ - It's good you're here, we can get this process started. EJ calls out for Father. Stefano comes in with Cicely. Well, hello William, Samantha. Allow me to introduce you to Cicely. Pleasantries are exchanged. Cicely excuses herself for a moment. Stefano - She can only stay this evening. She's on her way to China tomorrow moring. Sami starts the grovelling process - Will has some news that he's so excited to share with everyone. Stefano - He's going to be a father, congratulations. Will starts kissing the ring - Thank you so much sir.

Rafe, Kate and Nick are inside the pub now. Rafe - So Nick, I haven't seen you since Will signed the rights away to his child. And I've got the feeling that you had something to do with it, am I right? Kate - Maybe you should back off just a little. Rafe - Back off, Nick's married to my sister and we're talking about the baby she's carrying and I just want to know why Nick pushed for this. It's a fair question, isn't it? Nick - I'm taking care of my wife and child. Rafe - It seems to me there's more to it than that. Kate - Nick, it just seemed that you were upset when you ran into us, so why don't we start with that. What's going on with you?

Vargas - Don't worry okay. I'm obviously not in a position to judge you and even if I was, we all do crazy things in our life. Nicole - Thanks for that. Vargas - I can't even begin to imagine the pain you must have been feeling when you lost your child. Who can expect anyone to be in their right mind after going through something like that. Nicole - I was shattered but I had to take responsiiblity for what I did and I have for telling that terrible lie. Vargas - It still hurts, I can tell, the loss, I mean. Nicole - Every day, all day. Eric returns. Everything okay in here?

Anne - Why don't you just tell Daniel that you don't want Jennifer near Parker. He can't not do what you ask, right? Chloe - Don't be naive. I can keep Jennifer away from my son but I want Daniel. How will that happen if Jennifer is in the picture. Anne - What in the world does this guy see in her! Chloe - Can we please not talk about her. Anne - I just don't want you to end up in Brazil speaking Portuguese. That's a pretty tough language. Chloe - I don't care, I will learn it. I will stay there for the rest of my life if it it makes Daniel hate Jennifer which he will eventually if that selfish loser keeps him from his son. Anne - Are you sure Jennifer was clear about this plan? Chloe - Crystal.

Jen - It has nothing to do with Chloe. Dan - What the hell is it? I'm sorry. Where is this coming from? Jen - I don't want to hurt you. Dan - Then don't. Please stop because we can get through this together because I love you with all of my heart.

Segment 6: Stefano - You'll learn that there's nothing more important in your life than being the father of a child. Will trips over the sirs. Sami goes along with the a$$ kissing. Stefano excuses himself - Will bows. Sami pretends that she didn't really want to do. EJ feels that Stefano sounded accomodating. He doesn't know if it was genuine but it's a start. Will is going to leave. Sami promises Will that they're going to get his daughter back.

Nick - I just have a lot on my mind. Rafe - You're going to have a lot more if you try to push Will out of his baby's life. Nick - You can't ... Rafe - Listen to me. Will's a good person and Gabi cares about Will and Will wants to be close to his daughter. He is no threat to your marriage. Nick - Sami made this worse. Rafe - Agreed but Sami and Will are two different people, you know that. There's no reason for this. Nick - Are we through? Rafe - Yes. Nick - I admit I'm under a lot of pressure but I will not slack off my work. I have a family to support and I take that and my job very seriously. He gets up and leaves. Kate - Something else is going on with that young man.

Nicole - Everything is fine now Eric. Vargas - Excuse me Father, I just wanted to let you know that I found a place in town that sells used tools in really good condition. I don't want to overspend or anything. Eric - That's great, thank you. Vargas - I'll be working on the light stand by the lectern in the church. He leaves. Eric - It was Sami, wasn't it? Nicole - I'm a big girl, I can handle your sister. Eric - You shouldn't have to. What did Sami say to make you upset?

Anne - You do know that if you bolt with your kid Daniel will hunt you down to the ends of the earth. Chloe - I already have my ticket. She places it and her itinerary on the table. By the time Daniel gets anything worked out with the courts I'll already have changed cities 12 times. He'll never be able to find us. Anne - Great and then you'll lose any chance of having him ever. Chloe - It's a chance I have to take. It's all or nothing. It's the only choice I have.

Jen - It is not enough. Dan - What's not enough? Love? We have fought through wars together and we are still right here together. How is loving each other not enough. Jen sits in the chair and cries. Dan - I'm going to ask you one last time, what happened since the last time I saw you. What is this really about?

Segment 7: Nicole - I was upset but surprisingly it's not your sister's fault. I have to deal with people judging me for what I did. Sometimes you get acceptance from where you least expect it. Eric - What are you talking about? Nicole - Vargas. He was great about it. Eric - He heard you arguing with Sami? Nicole - Enough to ask me what happened? Sr Annabelle comes in to tell Eric several emails marked Urgent need to be looked at. Nicole ushers the sister out - Let's give the boss man some space. Eric looks taken aback when he checks his email.

Kate - Something was different with him just now. He wasn't angry and defensive like he usually is. He seemed shaken. Rafe - Maybe having everyone riding him about what he did to Will is getting to him. Kate - Let's hope he has second thoughts.

Nick returns to the park. He hyperventilates as he recalls his meeting with Vargas and then some prison nightmares. Will walks up - Nick, what's going on?

Sami asks EJ if he has any idea why Will changed his mind about coming to Stefano. The only thing EJ knows is that between him and his father, they can make this right. Nick is no longer going to be a problem ... he promises.

Anne - You'e a nervous wreck. Chloe just wants to know what is going on. Kate walks up and sees Chloe's itinerary. Oh, planning a trip?

Dan - Whatever this is you can't keep it from me. Jen - You want the truth? Dan does. Jen - It's all about Jack. Dan - No, you have talked to me about Jack and you have said many times he would want you to be happy; that he wouldn't want you to feel guilty about loving me. Jen - It's not about that. You're a wonderful man and I care so much about you but I can't stop thinking about Jack. And I keep comparing my feelings for him and for you and they are not the same. You are not Jack and you never will be him.
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