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ok the filters are off! I can focus on the episode now!

Monday's episode was fabulous! I LOVED that they placed the Dannifer related stuff at the end of each act so I could focus on tweeting on everything else. :laugh: When I did pay attention to them, they weren't so bad. It was kinda interesting. I really felt their angst, more than I have previously. If only they didn't botch this months ago, I would have enjoyed this more. It's a shame because I used to like this couple. :shame:

My favorite scenes went to EJ/Will and later additions of Sami, Stefano and Cecily. I appreciate that the writers are giving us more ejill. I LOVED them the first go round. This time feels more like step-father and step-son. Ejami aren't married (yet ;) ) but it had that vibe for me. EJ cares about Will and looks out for him. When Will asked to keep a secret, he was hesitant and for good reason. This was something Will should tell his parents and EJ doesn't want to keep something from Sami. However, Will made good points. Lucas and especially Sami will go off if she found out the real reason Nick went after him. It sucks that Sami will continue to feel that she is the cause of it but maybe EJ will convince Will to tell her on his own down the road. EJ became his confidant and Will needed that dearly.

Then when Sami, Stefano and his new gal came in the room, things got hilarious. Will was trying WAY too hard to be nice to stefano. :laugh: I think if Stefano doesn't know by now ejami came in with an agenda, he probably got it today. Plus, it became clear that he finds out everything. He knew about Will's child and he was in Italy so imagine how quickly he'll learn things once he's back in Salem. Cecily is cute but I had to :yuck: when Steffie went to make sure she was "having a good time."

Of course, I loved seeing EJ and Sami looking happy and love. :wub:

Rate and Stefano/Cecily were all kinds of soapy goodness. Once again, Stefano made Rafe look foolish. That never gets old. :laugh:

Rate teaming up against Nick was fab too! They make a great team. That's one more reason why I like them.

Sami/Nicole was good but I was surprised how cordial they were. Sami has no place to throw stones, but when did that ever stop her? :laugh: Still, I think her mission was accomplished. No one believes whatever Nicole is doing is genuine, and who better to deliver that message for a good sting than her enemy? It was clearly a plot point to get Nicole vulnerable and for Vargas to connect with her. It was lovely. Nik/Vargas have a lot of chemistry! I :wub: ericole but I don't mind Vacole in the meantime. :D

I learned yesterday that Vargas + monkey wrench = Nick shitting bricks = an entertained JB! :laugh: That was everything! And the subtext during their conversations was superb! It's about time Nick got off his high horse. Blake did a great job showing that emotion throughout the whole show. He was sweating, shaking and crying a little too. Awesome. B) I saw tons of chemistry there with these two. Sean Douglas needs to stay on this show! He's a great actor. If they bring back the guy who played Pyscho!Andrew to torture Gabi, I would be in heaven!
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