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Vargas is seriously awesome and Sean Douglas is a find. He has real presence on-screen and he plays so well off BB and AZ. I hope he sticks around. I could totally go for an Eric-Nicole-Vargas triangle.

Ejill scenes were great today. Like I said upthread, I'm happy to fanwank their relationship because I enjoy their dynamic so much. The Ejami/Will/Stefano scenes cracked me up too. LMAO that they actually think they're going to fool Stefano with their smiles (and bows?? LOL).

I'm getting excited about this Rate and Stefano story. I'm not sure where they're going with it, but I like the idea of Rafe vs. Stefano, as it's more along the lines of the traditional battles Stefano would have. I don't want it to be about trying to win the woman, but just two arrogant men who hate each other for numerous reasons.

Yet again, Fetch is the weak link in this episode. With the writing so overwhelmingly in their corner, any halfway decent couple would be killing this story. Their lack of chemistry and lack of history just make the whole thing ridiculous. And don't even get me started on Jen using her history with Jack to push Daniel away. What she's saying SHOULD be true, not an act.

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