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Jan 1 2009, 10:15 AM
You would have thought that since the show was called Dawson's Creek that he would get the girl, but he didn't end up with anybody.

BTW, It's funny though the star of that show haven't been in much since Dawson's Creek and the others have gone on to do other things.
Actually, I loved that. I mean, first of all, did anyone actually like Dawson as a character? Second, he ended up with his one true love, which was filmmaking, he got Spielberg for crying out loud! That was always his true love. Joey was his soulmate, but not his true love. And Pacey was Joey's true love.

That said, Kevin Williamson did admit that Dawson and Joey were supposed to end up together, but when he re-watched some of the series, he had to admit that Pacey and Joey were meant to be. He was a Dawson/Joey shipper, he wrote the finale with very specific plans and had to change it because of what had actually happened, which was that PJo was the surprise gem.

Sorry for bringing this thread up again, I'm just finishing watching the last four episodes. I've never watched it all together before, and if possible I loved PJo even more this time around.
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