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Apr 2 2013, 12:10 PM
You know, I think I'd like this Fetch & Co. storyline far more if it was written like Daniel still had deep, residual romantic feelings for Chloe and truly was torn.
I could never like Fetch ever, but I agree it would have been a much stronger, more balanced story if Daniel was legitimately torn between the two women. Not so long ago he supposedly loved/wanted Chloe so much, he was prepared to break up her relationship with another man to get her. Why wouldn't he wonder "What If?" now that he knows that they do actually have a child together and maybe their marriage would've survived if they'd known that at the time? At least they'd have had a strong incentive to work through the crisis for the baby's sake. But having him treat Chloe with indifference and be all about Jen-Jen just makes him look shallow and superficial--a guy who can turn off his feelings at the drop of a hat whenever his ego is involved.
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