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Me too I love Midas Whale on Adam's team and think they could be another Big and Rich,I love Tawnya Reynolds,and Monique Abbadie and think she could be another Gloria Estefan and both these two are on Shakira's team.

I also like Cathia and do have a feeling both of these women Monique and Cathia will be going head to head in the battle rounds with one or maybe both sticking around with one of the other judges stealing whatever pick Shakira doesn't pick in these two ladies on stage,I also love Vedo on Usher's team and think hes awesome.

I love how last night Shakira got up and danced to her own song Loca and had fun doing so when Monique was singing it and I loved Shakira,Usher,Adam,and Blakes expressions when they were watching Monique and turning around for her as well. I love Judith Hill too and do like Chrstian too and love that song as well and Blake got Christian yeah so this is going to be a hard decission this time around and I don't know who to vote for when the time comes.

Midas Whale needs to sing a Big and Rich song or more then one Big and Rich song,Monique needs to sing Conga by Gloria Estefan. I love that Blake,Adam,Shakira,and Usher are having a lot of fun together also for this show totally rocks.
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