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OC had a decent season premiere last night. But they always usually do. It's always great to go back home.

Heather and Terry are seriously giving me Adrienne and Paul vibes from Season 1. It has me somewhat concerned. And now hearing Adrienne say that Paul always wanted more spotlight. I'm seeing that with Terry. He seems to love the camera. And his antics are getting the same reactions from Heather, similar to Adrienne.

Tamra and Gretchen's friendship is so damn fake. It was fake last season. And it's still fake. I lived for the little beef they had recently when Tamra said Gretchen couldn't sing. I wonder if they've been able to move passed that. Gretchen seemed pissed, and Tamra wasn't taking anything back. I hope they're back to being enemies.

Vicki's face looked MUCH better on WWHL. She said she had surgery too close to the start of filming and she was very right. I think her mouth/jaw looked the worst. I'm glad to see it settled. She looks good now.

Alexis is still boring away from the other Housewives.

I'm looking forward to meeting Lydia, the new Housewife. I think we meet her in the third episode.

I also can't wait to see Lauri again!

I don't have much to say about the second part of BH's reunion. Brandi's comment about Kyle not wanting Kim to get better was a low blow. As was calling out Kim for having a shitstain on her pillow. I'm glad Kim defended herself on that one, pointing out that Brandi needs to stay in her place. Kim was having a discussion with Yolanda. What did Brandi need to jump in for? Because that's her friend? And that's why Brandi had any sort of beef with Adrienne this past season. Adrienne did nothing to Brandi prior to the start of this season. Brandi went after Adrienne because of everything Adrienne said about Lisa. Nothing more.

It was nice to see Mauricio defend himself about the allegations that he's only nice to people he works with. I thought that was bullshit and very petty of the Vanderpump-Todds.

I'm just glad BH is over. OC is much more grounded and fun. However, just when I thought it was safe to go into the water again...

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They're back! RHONJ returns June 2!
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