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I loved all the heart in today's episode. Even though I preferred Amber to Natalia in the role of Emily, seeing her, Monica and Alan in the Q mansion again was sooooo meaningful (and was a complete shock). Monica's "What the hell is in this relish" was the perfect way to end the ghostly visits.

Speaking of visits, I am over the moon that Jax and Brenda are engaged. I always felt Guza threw both characters under the bus to prop Sonny and Carly in 2010-2011, so I'm glad Jax and Brenda have found happiness together. Even though Ingo and Laura Wright do have chemistry together, I want Jax far away from Carly.

Wasn't too surprised to see Ethan, but I am intrigued by his mentioning the kidnappings are a distraction. The game seems to be afoot.

Since Robert saw Robin alive, my prediction is we will see him again close to everyone finding out Robin is alive---or he will wake up with no memories.

Have to admit, I teared up when the episode concluded. I also want to give Cartini props for finding the perfect flashbacks to accompany current stories and character reflections.
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