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I don't think I support the theory of chem testing.

I think good actors can have chemistry with whoever the script requires them to have chemistry with.

Case inpoint Kristian Alfonso, Lauren Koslow, Ari Zucker, and it looks like Sean Douglas has that ability too.

Lauren Koslow manages to have chemistry with almost every one she has to interact with - even those scenes with Quinn were believable.

Then they just need a decent script to support it and the will power to keep putting the effort into their craft.

I don't think the storyline should be amended because a pair of actors have "chemistry" ie Chad and Melanie. if its not going to ring true within the wider context of the story.

Theres no such thing as the actors don't have chemistry - they are just not good actors or for some reason they are good actors who are not putting the effort required in.
We'll have to agree to disagree on all of that, except that LK generates chemistry with just about everyone. There are good actors who just can't do that, and I don't think any show should rely so heavily on their original plan that they don't allow for flexibility when something unexpected happens, such as actors having a spark or the audience getting won over by what was meant to be a short term character.
Sorry but if they have written Vargas as someone who has raped Nick in prison Vargas and Hope can have magical off the charts chemistry that eclipses the five powered burning suns of John and Marlena's and they still should not be together.

Hope should not be romantically involved with someone who raped her cousin.

(sorry Elopers)
That's okay. Hope hasn't raped any of EJ's cousins.
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