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I cannot wait until Kate meets Vargas.
Weren't you trying Vargas and hope the other day? May have been someone else....

I read that badly I thought you meant Abby.
I support Vargas getting chem tested with multiple people, but Hope isn't one of them.
I don't think I support the theory of chem testing.

I think good actors can have chemistry with whoever the script requires them to have chemistry with.

Case inpoint Kristian Alfonso, Lauren Koslow, Ari Zucker, and it looks like Sean Douglas has that ability too.

Lauren Koslow manages to have chemistry with almost every one she has to interact with - even those scenes with Quinn were believable.

Then they just need a decent script to support it and the will power to keep putting the effort into their craft.

I don't think the storyline should be amended because a pair of actors have "chemistry" ie Chad and Melanie. if its not going to ring true within the wider context of the story.

Theres no such thing as the actors don't have chemistry - they are just not good actors or for some reason they are good actors who are not putting the effort required in.
I disagree!
Chemistry is very important especially when it comes to romance. Chemistry, good writing and good acting. Nicole has chemistry with everybody on screen but, when it comes to romance she had the best with EJ. Not saying I want them together now. EJ is not worthy of her, but so far. he is who Nicole has the best chemistry with. Second is Brady. and third is Daniel. I am talking as a romantic pairing. What has been missing from either of these from being a successful romance was good writing. Brady and Nicole had good moments, and EJ and Nicole had some great moments and sometimes good writing, and even when the writing was crap I still manage to enjoy them because of that amazing chemistry they share.

I loved Jason and Sam on GH. Hated Jason and Liz and it is the amazing chemistry that Jason and Sam had which contributed to why I love them so. The woman that plays Liz is a good actor but whenever they tried to put her with Jason, I was bored in everyone of their scenes. Jason comes across so different when he is with Sam. Everything is more intense, more believable plus they had good writing. I actually loved their story of how they got together and how the love between them developed, and it was not one of those instant love story that they like to do these days. I get the same when EJ and Nicole perform together. Everything is more intense more believable and I will forever think that it is a shame that the writers destroyed them.

Daniel and Jennifer has no romantic chemistry and I don't think even better writing will help them to become more interesting. I enjoy there scenes more when they are not in a romantic capacity. EJ and Sami I find equally as boring.

I am aware that all the pairings that I think have no chemistry also have their fans who think otherwise. I think Daniel and Chloe has loads of chemistry and that's part of the reason why I loved them in the begginning. Daniel and Jennifer also have their fans, but while I loved Danloe, I have no interest in Dannifer and I would feel exactly the same way if they were given the same story that Danloe had in the begginning. Chemistry is important. You also have friendship chemistry. It that natural rapour that two people have when they come together. I think Nicole and Victor has chemistry. Love them acting together but, I certainly would not want them to be in a romance together.
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