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I'm just one of those people who don't care about fictional crimes that happened a long time ago, for the most part and who has no desire to see characters hold long term grudges, unless they take the form of soapy rivalries.
Cool so John rehoooking up with Kristen shouldn't be a problem for you.
Wait, why are we talking about them? Do you have me confused with a jarlena, or is this a random example you chose? Anyway, nope, that wouldn't be a problem, if John weren't currently being so annoying . I'd prefer they un Dimera him, first, though.
Crime, rapes being mentioned, I'm guessing. Kristen raped John, did awful things to him and to Marlena, almost killed their daughter - now she's going to destroy their son to destroy them... it was a response to the "I don't care if it happened long ago".
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