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The Room Stops
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camera shy
Apr 2 2013, 06:26 PM
Now would Vargas be unreedable because he raped a another man and not a woman? Because how many male characters on this show have raped a woman and were allowed to be redeemed and stay on the show and eventually put into a romantic pairing? And if that's the case, then what's wrong with this picture?
It depends on what you call redemption, really. EJ's rape of Sami has just been ignored it seems. Kellam certainly was not redeemed for raping Marlena, nor was Ian for his attacks of several women in Salem. Alan was not redeemed for raping Sami.

Jack is a special case, because while he went on to be in a successful pairing, it was a) not with his victim, b) it has remained a part of his character to this day, c) JACK took responsibility. Nobody hates what Jack did more than Jack. It wasn't glossed over, forgotten, ignored or re-written. It was dealt with, and it became a part of Jack's dark side. Jack and Kayla still had scenes, but they were not scenes where they were all lovey-gazed and flirtacious. They were filled with loathing and angst and complexity.

Sami raping Austin and Kristen raping John weren't even dealt with. It wasn't even called rape, even though it was. Men can rape men, and if it was rape, then it should be deal with as such. DAYS used to do well with social issues. They don't anymore.
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