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I don't really have much to say either way about today, but when Will said "I don't care" to Abby, I laughed right out loud. I really wanted to like the John/Sami scenes because if I were to tell you my two most recent favorite/memorable in a good way Sami scenes, they'd both be John/Sami. But I didn't. They didn't make any sense, and IDK if it was the writing or Sweeney that made Sami's whole interaction just....weird, but it didn't work. I did like the moment with the four of them, and I laughed at the irony of Marlena not wanting Sami to leave, lol. The last Brady/Sami scene didn't make a lick of sense either. Anne randomly popping up to defend Chloe to people she doesn't know is just annoying.
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