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Apr 2 2013, 07:53 PM
Apr 2 2013, 03:45 PM
I loved all the heart in today's episode. Even though I preferred Amber to Natalia in the role of Emily, seeing her, Monica and Alan in the Q mansion again was sooooo meaningful (and was a complete shock). Monica's "What the hell is in this relish" was the perfect way to end the ghostly visits.

Speaking of visits, I am over the moon that Jax and Brenda are engaged. I always felt Guza threw both characters under the bus to prop Sonny and Carly in 2010-2011, so I'm glad Jax and Brenda have found happiness together. Even though Ingo and Laura Wright do have chemistry together, I want Jax far away from Carly.

Wasn't too surprised to see Ethan, but I am intrigued by his mentioning the kidnappings are a distraction. The game seems to be afoot.

Since Robert saw Robin alive, my prediction is we will see him again close to everyone finding out Robin is alive---or he will wake up with no memories.

Have to admit, I teared up when the episode concluded. I also want to give Cartini props for finding the perfect flashbacks to accompany current stories and character reflections.
I'm shocked Jax & Brenda are engaged!!!! They have chemistry, but Brenda's soulmate is Sonny.
Although Carly isn't Jax first love, I'd prefer if they got back together. CarJax has a strong
connection, and a family.
I fully admit to being torn about what the endgame should be for Jax/Brenda/Sonny/Carly. While a part of me feels we will see Brenda and Sonny reunite and leave off into the sunset together, I'm not ready yet for that to happen. IMO there needs to be some restorative work done on this quad over time for me to want Sonny and Brenda together or Jax and Carly. The only way I would ever accept Jax and Carly together is if we never see Carly and Sonny sleeping together ever again. Sonny can't be her go-back---she would need to fully commit to Jax, and Jax would need to put his love for Carly above his feud with Sonny. Right now it's been 3 months since Carly's relationship with Todd ended, and about 5 since things ended with Johnny. I would like to see Carly stay single for awhile and learn to depend on herself, especially now Jason is gone. I just remember this scene at the PCPD last August during the pathogen scare where Jax and Sonny started going in to it again, and it made me want to scream. The various games all 4 played with each other in the spring and summer of 2011 made me want to :headbang: . Right now, I am happy Jax and Brenda are together, but would accept if they aren't endgame, depending on how the story gets played out.
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