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Apr 2 2013, 06:18 PM
Apr 2 2013, 01:56 PM
Apr 2 2013, 12:32 PM
I still don't get the feeling that Will even wants to be in the kid's life. He does not feel like a character who truly cares for his family.
Are we watching the same show? The one where Will has been staring longingly at that sonogram image of his daughter on an almost weekly basis? The one where Will keeps seeing little girls who remind him of his daughter? The one where Will keeps fretting about what he's going to do when his daughter is born and he's forced to stand on the sidelines and watch as a homophobic jerk raises her and poisons her mind with hateful filth? The one where Will has been almost solely focused on his daughter for months, and especially since the moment that he reunited with Sonny (who was his only other focus in recent months)?

Will feels (or felt, until a few days ago) defeated, yes. He felt like he was going to have to somehow learn to live with something that would be impossible to live with, because he felt like Nick was holding all of the cards (which is stupid, because Nick shouldn't be winning this often, but I've already complained about that). But I can't fathom how anyone could possibly equate that with Will not wanting to be in his daughter's life -- or not truly caring about his family, for that matter, since his family was the only reason that he allowed Nick to blackmail him in the first place. Will has repeatedly stressed that if he were the only one who would suffer the consequences, he wouldn't hesitate to accept responsibility for his crime so that Nick would not have any leverage to use against him. Will's daughter would then be able to visit him in jail, at the very least, and Will would be able to look forward to the future, knowing that he would eventually be released from jail and free to spend the rest of his life with his daughter. But Will can't do that, because Nick isn't just threatening to expose Will's secret -- he's threatening to expose Lucas, Roman, and Hope's secrets, as well. (As an aside, I believe that, while Nick's homophobia is absolutely the primary reason that Nick is obsessed with getting Will out of Will's daughter's life, Nick is also jealous of the fact that Roman and Hope protected Will, but were never willing to protect Nick [ignoring the fact that Nick, unlike Will, was legally an adult when he committed his crimes, since Nick's a psycho who would never acknowledge key details like that -- details that would invalidate his entire argument], so he's willing to ruin their lives just to spite them. That's just speculation on my part at this point, but it'd be interesting to see the writers eventually address that, IMO.)

Personally, I don't believe that Nick truly loves the baby, nor do I believe that Nick truly loves Gabi. Nick's just obsessed with possessing both of them and preventing two gay men from being involved in a child's life. But I absolutely believe that Will loves his daughter.
I would like also to say the Will's passiveness has partially been motivated by not wanting to hurt Lucas, Hope and Roman. As much as he loves and longs for his daughter, he realizes that it isn't the end all be all - and that other people would be seriously affected if he came forward and confessed to the shooting. I completely bristle against how passive Will has been written, but to sneer and say he obviously doesn't love his child when CM is playing him as shattered and shellshocked strikes me as very unfair. He just doesn't want to hurt anyone in his quest to have her. I can imagine that Will haters would hate Will just as much if he did confess because then they'd call him cold hearted and selfish and not caring of Lucas, Roman and Hope. From the moment Will found out Gabi was pregnant, he's tried to do what he thought was the right thing. He's considered not just what was best for him, but best for the child as well as best for Gabi and his relatives. He's the only one who has treated the baby as a human being, not a possession worth controlling (I'm thinking especially of Sami and Nick).

So yeah, I think Will cares enormously about his family - enough so that he's not going to confess to shooting EJ so as not to hurt Lucas, Roman and Hope. (I still think the idea that Hope and Roman would be on the hook is a dumb ass retcon, but there we are.)

not just will haters

in past i care lot about will i saw will character grow up i did not starry watching the show only chandler start playing like half will fans now

they really sold me that will could care less about lucas and only endure him because his family that why he have to tolerate him but does not really gave shit about lucas[it pain to admit it as somone watch for will for years]
i do not see change writing since it seem lucas only recurring on show and if is not he will be i can feel it

the rest the write about will is mess i hard to tell about will feel and with Will's passiveness to while last year will seem willing to anything to help ej and yet now for his chlid it seem he does not seem does anything that why some not sure if will care about his child

with the writing to will is mess so i am indifferent to will right now

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