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Bill and Brooke question their haste in taking Katie at her word

Katie makes a desperate plea followed by a surprising admission

Donna and Taylor don't see eye to eye regarding each others actions

Rick choices a new face for Hope For The Future

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SNS Spoilers for the week of April 15 - 19

Katie regains consciousness after suffering another heart attack, and then asks Brooke and Bill a startling question.

Bill isn't sure how he will reconnect with his wife, but does go along with her request.

Both Bill and Brooke decide to put whatever they feel on hold.

Donna gives Taylor an earful regarding her recent actions.

Steffy tells Taylor about her "perfect wedding."

Hope is aghast about the upcoming marriage.

Rick pushes Hope to give Oliver another chance.

Maya won't give in and refuses to stay away from Rick.

Caroline and Carter scheme to keep Maya will stay away from Rick.

A new face for the future is chosen by Rick.

COMING: Steffy and Liam "hope" for a peaceful wedding

Titles and Previews

Monday ("Disagreement")
Bill and Brooke differ in opinion about Katie's condition; Steffy confides in Taylor about her perfect wedding.

Tuesday ("Katie's Request")
Katie's words cause problems for Bill; Liam and Steffy are shocked by Carter's gesture.

Wednesday ("Decisions")
Pam learns more about Caroline; Brooke and Bill are forced to make some tough decisions.

Thursday ("Oliver Comforts Hope")
Oliver supports Hope during a difficult time; Steffy and Liam independently plan surprises.

Friday ("Family Moment")
Taylor shares a tender moment with her children; Rick is thrilled that Hope is backing his choices.

Teasers week of April 15th

4/15, Brooke and Bill donít eye to eye as they discuss who is ultimately responsible for Katieís condition and future course of action.

4/16, Katie makes a request that shocks both Bill and Brooke, leaving them distressed.

4/17, Pam learns some dirt about Caroline

4/18, Steffy and Liam plan surprises for each other regarding their honeymoon.

4/19, Rick is moved by Hope when she supports his personal and professional plans for Maya.

TV Guide Previews

4/15, Bill and Brooke disagree about who is responsible for Katie's condition and what the outcome will be; Steffy describes her perfect wedding to Taylor, who was envisioning a more traditional ceremony.

4/16, Katie makes a request of Bill that distresses him and Brooke; Carter offers surprising assistance to Liam and Steffy.

4/17, Caroline takes her frustrations out on Maya; Brooke and Bill are forced to make a quick decision about the future of their families.

4/18, Steffy plans a surprise for her wedding while Liam plans a surprise honeymoon; Oliver comforts Hope when she accepts that Liam is making a lifelong commitment to Steffy.

4/19, Thomas, Steffy and Taylor share a heartwarming family moment; Rick appreciates Hope's support regarding his plans for Maya.
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