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Vargas puts over more pressure on Nick

John gives Kristen a touching and meaningful gift

Will has a face to face confrontation with Brian about Sonny

Brady makes a bold accusation

Hope has some good news for Ciara

Vargas and Nicole begin to take things to the next level

credit: jcren

Monday ("Tricking Jennifer")
Chloe makes an announcement that will affect Daniel and Jennifer's lives; Kate is upset by Rafe's words; Vargas and Nicole grow closer.

Tuesday ("Leaving Town")
Anne is saddened to see Chloe leave town but vows to take down Jennifer; Stefano makes Kristen a promise to ger rid of Sy.

Wednesday ("Proposal")
Sami gives EJ an answer to his proposal; Gabi wants Rafe to find love; John gives Kristen a symbolic present from their past.

Thursday ("Finding the Picture")
A frantic Kristen desperately tries to find the incriminating photo of her and Sy; Will confronts Brian about his flirtatious ways with Sonny.

Friday ("Feelings")
Brady thinks John still has feelings for Kristen; Hope tells Ciara that Bo is coming home; Vargas and Nicole make love.

A regretful Chloe tells Daniel and Jennifer sheís leaving town to get her head straight
Marlena is disappointed by Johnís request
Hope tells Ciara that Bo is coming home soon
Vargas and Nicole begin to make love in the rectory
Anne is determined to expose Cameronís secret life
Victor, Marlena and Brady all come close to seeing the picture of Sy and Kristen

Teasers week April 15th

4/15, Rafeís slip of the tongue ticks off Kate; while Nicole and Vargas talk about the future.

4/16, EJ Proposes to Sami.

4/18, Will takes a stand where Sonny is concerned.

4/19, Hope shares good news with Ciara.

Daily Spoilers week of April 15th

4/15, Daniel tells Jennifer he knows about Chloe's scheming; Kristen, Victor and Brady work together; Rafe inadvertently foils efforts to reconcile with Kate; Vargas and Nicole become closer.

4/16, Chloe apologizes and leaves town; Anne intends to bring Jennifer down; Brady unknowingly gives the envelope from Sy to Marlena; Stefano offers to take care of Sy; John wants to meet with Marlena; Nicole talks to Vargas about their relationship.

4/17, Sami responds to E.J.'s proposal; Lucas irks Kate with an observation about Rafe; Vargas pressures Nick; John gives Kristen a gift; Brady and Marlena come close to finding the picture from Sy.

4/18, Kristen searches for the photo from Sy; Maggie tells Brady the significance of John's gift to Kristen; Will confronts Brian; Abigail and Chad try to guard Cameron from Anne.

4/19, Brady tells John to leave Kristen alone; Kristen tries to prevent Brady from seeing the photo; Hope tells Ciara Bo is coming home; Vargas and Nicole get close; Abigail learns Anne is getting closer to causing Cameron to lose his job.
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