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Joy turns into despair for one family in Port Charles

Patrick makes a promise to Sabrina

Sonny is stunned to find Connie at his door. Or is it Kate?

Spinelli gets closer to the missing heir

AJ pays Nikolas a visit and tension quickly mounts

Brenda is horrified about Michael's confession to Sonny

credit: jcren

Titles and Previews

Monday ("The Kiss")
Scott kisses Bobbie in a drunken state; Patrick makes a promise to Sabrina; Michael dismisses Carly's presence.

Tuesday ("The Announcement")
Lulu makes a shocking announcement; Sabrina and Felix talk about her relationship with Patrick.

Wednesday ("Rafe's Guardian")
Ellie apologizes to Maxie for spying on her; Sonny and Carly discuss Michael and Brenda's tryst.

Thursday ("The Hug")
AJ witnesses an embrace between Elizabeth and Nikolas; Brenda is distraught after Michael reveals some intimate details to Sonny.

Friday ("Investigation")
Ellie asks Spinelli to work with her to uncover the truth behind Dante and Lulu's baby

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