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Quoting limited to 4 levels deep
Only EJ, Sami, Nick and Will are involved? That's just not accurate.

Gabi is clearly involved. And because of her Rafe is certainly involved. Kate has been involved nearly from the beginning - and much more so now due to her relationship with Rafe. We've also seen Lucas, Hope, Maggie and now Stefano to a lesser extent.

Sami's role has been to be used as the catalyst for Nick's powerplay. EJ has simply been there in a supporting role for Sami first, Will second.

As much as I agree that Lucas has been overlooked I just can't wrap my head around the claims that this story has been hijacked by EJami. We'd be seeing a whole lot more of them if that were the case.
Once again, I say seeing character in a storyline does not mean they are involved in the storyline. For instance, Rafe is trotted out when they need to show the split between him and Sami. I think TPTB thinks this reinforces Ej and Sami but it doesn't. It just shows that a)Safe has had no closure. b) the reason they broke up is kind of stupid. Its a lack of real communication.

But Rafe does not add a layer to this story. He has no effect on it. The way he and others including Gabi are used they can go unseen for weeks and the story continues. They are not involved in this story. And tgey really are not involved in a story stemming from the baby story. You could say Rafe sleeping with Kate. But that's not a storyline.
Rafe is suppose to be a top FBI agent. We've seen him have instinct and tenaciousness. Where is any of that now? Rafe has been demoted to a clueless cop with a perpetual hard on for Kate.

You're right in that he doesn't add a layer to this story. He should have been wise to Nick long before now instead of just arrogantly blaming Sami for all the trouble. It's stupid and a huge hit on his character imo.
I don't even like Rafe and I agree with this.
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