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Hope AND Ciara mentioned in a spoiler?! Posted Image
i wonder if the "good news" is that Bo is coming home and then he never arrives. then again, knowing Days, Hope's "good news" will be that Ciara got into a special school, and we still won't have another Bo mention. How long has it been now? 2 months since anyone's said anything about Bo??
They need to start explaining what is up with Bo and soon. The way they've handled PR leaving is abysmal....seriously how wack?
agreed. i think that they may have initially put it off because they hoped that Peter would change his mind and return to the show, but we passed that "ok, so i guess he's not gonna return right now" moment months ago. Victor & Rafe asking Hope what was up with Bo should've started to kick off their explanation. instead, we got those two short moments and then nothing. no Hope being mysterious, no one else asking and her avoiding. simply nothing.
Frankly I don't see PR returning until Tomlin is gone. There are a few character/actors that seem to have a problem when he's anywhere near the show...PR, the DH's and BD to name a few.
Tomlin doesn't like Kristian either, which is probably why he was in no hurry to give her a story, or even properly utilize her within the other stories. I agree with you about Peter. There's no love lost between Peter & Tomlin.
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