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Second Chances.
Thursday, April 04 2013 sheknows

Adam gets visitors, Jack talks to John, and Paul has news for Leslie.

In Milwaukee, Leslie tells Neil she has to face her father and apologize. Neil tries to be encouraging. Leslie says she also failed her mother - her killer is still out there. Leslie goes in and tells Gus this is her fault. He won't hear it. She understands if he hates her. Gus says he doesn't blame her and apologizes for not being a good man. She forgives him. Leslie tells Gus they'll find new grounds for an appeal. Neil joins them and touts Leslie's good qualities. Gus says he missed out on two good kids, but the fact that she's here now means it wasn't for nothing.

At the police station, Michael tells Paul he questions Lauren having a work crisis that takes all night. Victor appears and tells them Adam's improving. Michael goes. Victor, Paul, and Alex discuss the wait for the DNA test on Wheeler. Victor 'ain't got no patience'. Paul promises not to let anyone else get hurt and assures Victor he and Jack have full immunity on the Stephanie Wheeler matter. Later, Alex tells Paul working there is more interesting than he expected. Wheeler arrives. Paul remarks on him being such a concerned elected official. Later, Alex brings Paul the DNA results. Paul calls Neil and Leslie to come in and tells them they have proof Marcus Wheeler murdered her mother.

Jack visits Adam in his hospital room and gives him advice about taking it slow and going easy on the meds. Jack's been there and vows to help Adam get back on his feet again. They talk about this all being Wheeler's doing. Adam is stunned to hear that Jack and Victor are working together to nail him. He teases Jack, who counters that he took a bullet for the Mustache. Adam is further surprised to hear that Victor's been visiting there, even knowing about Sharon.

Chelsea lays in a hospital bed and dreams about Adam bringing balloons to her and their newborn daughter. The dream turns dark as he takes the baby and says she'll be a Newman. Chelsea awakens with a gasp. The doctor enters and says the baby's fine, but warns against strenuous activity or heavy-lifting. Chelsea dresses and goes to look in on Adam. Victor arrives and tells her to go see him first. She enters Adam's room. He says, "It's okay. I know." Adam says Sharon told him about the next-of-kin stuff. Chelsea recovers and says it was nothing. Adam says he'll be out soon and broaches the topic of second chances. He can't change the past, but things will be different now. Chelsea lets Victor visit. Adam asks, "Dad. Just happen to be in the neighborhood?" Victor says he wants to thank him. Outside the door, Chelsea is given her ultrasound photo.

In the suite, Lauren tells Carmine that was it - she and Michael are trying to fix what was broken between them. Michael calls and she answers, lying about sleeping on the couch in her office. She agrees to meet him for breakfast. Carmine is puzzled about him being cool with her not coming home. Lauren says he trusts her and can never find out about this.

Lauren and Michael meet in the Club dining room. She talks about work and he says she was worried she'd moved out again. Lauren tells him she's hopeful nothing will come between them again. Carmine appears. Lauren insists on going home and walks out. Puzzled, Michael follows.

Jack arrives home leaving a phone message for Phyllis about their trip. John appears and tells him it's time to let it go. They debate about Stephanie Wheeler. John says knowing what type of man the Congressman is, she never had a chance. Jack still feels guilty and hopes he can help get justice for another woman that died because of Wheeler. They discuss Victor and Adam. Jack says Adam deserves a second chance. John reminds Jack that family matters most.

At home, Lauren tells Michael she plans to come home to him every night. He missed her. She says it won't happen again and wants to focus on being together. Michael says they can put this behind them. Lauren's phone buzzes.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Kyle emerges from the shower to find Summer in his bed asking, "What took you so long?"

Victor asks Adam, "You saved my life. Why?" Adam, choked up, replies, "I don't know what to tell you, Dad."

Dylan tells Nick, "I came to Genoa City just to make sure she was okay." Nick says, "She is okay. She's with me."
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