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I know...but I've been getting the feeling that John will do something so desperate to get Kristen away from Brady and that is all I can think of....put that together with those weird tweets from DH a few months back (that would correspond to around now airtime wise) and I really wouldn't put it past Tomlin and Co. to do something so despicable and uncharacteristic of John. They don't give a crap ruining characters....they really don't.
When Drake Hogestyn sent out that tweet in December about being unable to justify John's actions, I predicted that John was going to marry Kristen, and I have yet to see anything that tells me that I was completely off the mark on that one.
I double checked the timing of his tweet and it was early Feb when he said he was trying to figure out John's choices...which would put it around May sweeps, no? In which case, I really do think they're going down the John-seduces-Kristen-to-break-up-her-and-Brady route. There is no saving grace in this for me. Unless they show that whatever happens didn't really happen, ie he drugs her somehow and whatever we witness onscreen will be in her head but in reality all she does is pass out. That said, how would he get proof to show Brady? At this point all I'm imagining is him showing some video at the wedding and effectively killing not only Kristen but his son and wife at the same time....in which case I could agree entirely with DH's tweet about having a 'challenging' day onset and stepping out of his comfort zone as this most certainly would not be the JB we've seen for 20+ years.

You know I can understand injecting grey in characters that have been on the show less time. Well, I don't get it but I can see why they make the attempt. But for the writers to do such a character overhaul on one fans have watched for so long is despicable - if they go the route I fear they are that is. Who do they think the fans will side with here? There goes his role of the hero, father and loving husband all in one stupid plot device. Even RoboJohn was easier to understand than this and as stupid as that SL was, they at least gave John some motivation for him acting like an ass and OOC.
The fact that John even thinks that he has the "power" to "seduce" Kristen away from Brady in the first place shows he is as insane as Chloe. As if any woman would want his tired old ass over Brady? A man whose sex appeal dwarfs John in every way? Bitch, please! No woman except Marlena would think John is a better catch than Brady in the first place.

Kristen is a nutty villain (though I like her with Brady). What's John's excuse for thinking he's "All That" in the first place? I love him with Marlena, but let's not pretend that - outside her - he would be any woman's heart's desire. Especially not Kristen, who has upgraded big time since 1994.
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