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Apr 3 2013, 06:10 PM
Apr 3 2013, 03:58 PM
Apr 3 2013, 02:31 PM
Wilson and Kafe scenes were funny. :lol: Loved how Sonny was not giving them any breaks. I'm also glad that Sonny pointed out to Kate not to lose side of the situation and she needs to focus on helping Will.

I'm also glad that Will is not trusting Rafe. I know that some people think Sami and Will should talk to Rafe but this custody issue is going to get out of hand and when that happens, Rafe will stay 100% on Gabi's side. They tell him and he goes to Gabi. I don't think that she will turn on Nick that easily. The fact her "friend" signs his right away due to some kind of blackmail doesn't make her do something, I don't think finding out the reason or whatever else will change her mind about Nick. This is the same girl that was obsessed with a man who didn't want her. She is not about to turn away from one who wants her. She is desperate for a man and Nick has a hold over her (which doesn't excuse her action or inaction btw). So, it's good move to not get Rafe involved on teamwill's plan.

On the Wilson scenes after Will told Sonny about Stefano. Will said that this is about him and his daughter when Sonny ask if this move was because of his fight with Nick. This is true but Will also needs to recognize that this is also about Sonny if he intends Sonny to be in his life and his daughter's life. He needs to stop seeing this as his battle alone. Sonny is part of his life now and he will be dealing with all these baggages. He needs to start seeing them as a team. Will gets custody and Sonny will be a stepfather to this girl. I hope certain confrontation coming up will help him realize this fact or Sonny or someone points this out to him.

I noticed that Will said something similar a week or two ago and it annoyed me. I don't remember the exact line but it was something having to do with "his daughter". While not long ago Sonny was talking about getting a bigger place so they have room for the baby. I've always been a little bit more of a Will fan than Sonny....but damn....I'm starting to like Sonny more and more and Will is starting to annoy me just a tad. If he intends to be with Sonny then he is going to be a big part of the baby's life, so he needs to involve him more. I hope he soon realizes how important Sonny is to him and this baby. As far as the show goes...I wish we'd get more intimate scenes with them as well. I don't have to see any sex/love scenes, but jeez...lately they seem like just good friends.
Well, I think Will is more focused on securing HIS position in his daughter's life first before trying to fold Sonny into it. Will has no idea if can even be a part of his daughter's life yet. Or how this Nick and Gabi thing is going to shake out. I'm sure once he secures his parental rights, he can then put some energy towards making Sonny a part of his child's life.
That is so true.
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