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Apr 3 2013, 09:07 PM
I had a devil of a time trying to watch & understand those Sonny/Brenda scenes. It was almost like watching an episode of Dick Tracy with Mumbles & Breathless Mahoney. SPEAK THE FUCK UP AND ENUNCIATE YOU TWO IDIOTS!

I thought the original Jax-Brenda-Sonny triangle was pretty riveting at times - but it's gotten old for me. Today's angst was just "eh" IMO. Actually, that's kind of how I felt about the whole episode.

Brenda's face looks weird. Too much filler. And that makes me sad. And I don't think Sonny has heat with anyone anymore. He's just become a tired, dirty old man. Too much disgusting history of a misogynistic mobster. I was a fan of his and his mob story decades ago, but not anymore. Too much over exposure has burned me out on him, as well as any hope/interest in his possible redemption. I'm sick of the fact that he never pays for any of his crimes, and all women are made stupid by his penis.

Sad to see that Jax is being written as Brenda's Mac. He was a viable love interest of hers once. Why do all the women on this show choose the emotionally abusive asshole? Brenda, Felicia, Laura. Ugh.

So not vested in Patrick-Sabrina. Yuck. Their difference in age and maturity are glaring. JP should have more riveting story!!! What a waste. :badmood:

I can't wait for Nik to wake up. I hated the Niz sleazy affair. But I'm totally getting sucked into Niz 2. Maybe because the writers are actually trying to make sense of that cluster fuck of a story. And those 2 really have amazing history and chemistry. Nik and Liz are both flawed people who are good at heart. And L&L have been trashed by so many regimes - I'm kind of salivating at the idea of a Niz/Quiz triangle. :cheer:

Can't wait for the Nurse's Ball. And Lucy makes every scene fun. :wub:

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