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I had an elaborate scenario worked out in my head at one point for why on earth these women are losing their minds over Daniel -- let's see if I can remember the gist of it.

I was barely watching when he first came on the screen, but Victor brought him to Salem to save Bo, yes? So Victor hears of his godson's medical skills and begs him to come save Bo, but what he doesn't realize is that Daniel is a psychopath, responsible for a string of disappearances along the West Coast. All former patients-turned-lovers, all tortured and killed by the mad doctor's experiments. In Salem, Mad Dan realizes that he doesn't have the same kind of anonymity he previously enjoyed so he entertains himself with bouncing from woman to women, using various types of mind control. It's no coincidence that these women were his patients and that he supervised their after-care, including surgical procedures and post-op drugs.

While his first experiments resulted in Mad Dan killing his patients, Salem Dan watches gleefully as his former patients/lovers destroy themselves at his feet. His Chloe experiment gets out of control and his secret lair under the Kiriakis pool house is exposed when she follows him. After Daniel heads to the hospital to inspect the fresh crop of subjects, she sneaks in and discovers his "laboratory" -- complete with subject files on all the women of Salem. Meanwhile, Abby is on Chloe's trail as she tries to figure out why her mom dumped Daniel (since it couldn't possibly genuine grief over Jack). She and Chad sneak in after Chloe and the three of them begin looking at all of the evidence.

Abby calls the police and Chad calls the Dimeras. As they wait with the evidence, Dan returns. The trio hides and, as the sirens blare, Dan panics and begins to destroy evidence. Chad jumps him, Chloe hits him in the crotch with the heel of her Manolos, and Abby uses the eardrum-shattering voice to scream her lungs out before whacking him in the head. Dan is apprehended and the Salem PD arrives.

This sets off a whole series of events:
-- Rafe and Hope have their hands full with the case and ask Bo to come back.
-- Dan's victims have to be checked out and healed by real doctor Kayla. Maxine finally has something to do and feels like a real dumbass for promoting Fetch.
-- Jen's mind is clear for the first time in years and she finally mourns her dead husband. (He can come back from the dead later.)
-- Chloe breaks down, realizing that the events after her previous return to Salem were carefully orchestrated by Mad Dan. He was fully aware of Kate's and Vivian's manipulations and, fancying himself the master chess player, pulled the strings behind the scenes. In court, he notes he "thought it would be funny."
-- While the Salem PD keeps as much private as possible, they do reveal a few secrets to the victims themselves. Hope goes to Nicole at the convent and shows her the file. In doing so she lets Nicole know that the entire situation with Jennifer was not Nicole's fault. In fact, Nicole was a special pet project for Dan, since he had "never played with a pregnant woman before."
-- EJ is enraged that the doc endangered his unborn child and his involvement in the trial creates conflict between him and Sami.
-- Marlena takes Nicole and Chloe on as patients while Jen takes a trip to visit her mother and get out of Salem for a while.
-- Victor actually feels guilty for bringing the doctor to Salem and stops being such a butthead to the women in question.
-- The Salem lawyers have their hands full as the trial begins.

The trial kicks off a whole separate set of storylines as the doctor's experiments become public knowledge. Salemites stop giving Nicole the stink-eye. Additionally, Dan's lawyers try to use Nicole's porn past as a way of discrediting her, which forces Father Eric to take the stand and reveal the evidence he found before he left Salem about her father drugging her. Salemites are suddenly and properly ashamed for using it against her. Eric finally admits to himself that he loves Nicole.

Craig, Nancy, and Joy come to town to support Chloe, and Craig unleashes the full fury of his Craigness upon Daniel. In the courtroom and then in a dark hallway. Brady rushes to comfort both Chloe and Nicole, which leads Brady and Chloe reconciling. Kristen is determined to win Brady back....

Bo calls Chelsea and has her return to Salem to be checked out and then to testify. Kate also must face her past with Daniel, but she is shocked to discover that her attempts to destroy Chloe were partly orchestrated by Daniel. Chloe and Kate reached a tentative peace as Chloe lets Kate spend time with Parker. Aghast at the possibility that Daniel might try to get to Parker, Chloe has another paternity test done and discovers that Philip is the father.

Daniel is sentenced to life in prison with no hope of parole. The medical board takes away his license. He disappears into a dark cell never to be heard from again, until one of the show villains dusts him off and carts him out, Hannibal Lector-style, to wreak havoc on Salem.
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