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Apr 3 2013, 12:06 PM
I've never seen GV on anything else. but what I have seen from him acting-wise leaves much to be desired. He is a good "eye actor" and he's had moments here and there...but most of the time he flub lines or mumbles so damn much I can't understand him. I'm hopeful...but so far for me...SD is waaaaaaay > GV

ETA: I don't know...maybe the mumbling thing is just the way he's playing Eric being a priest. Something needs to light a fire under his ass! Hopefully Varcole will do just that. I did enjoy some of the scenes where Eric ripped into Brady though. He really just needs to quit it with the whispery mumbly talk and maybe then I can get on board lol
If Nicole does indeed sleep with Vargas, and Eric is STILL not jealous, then someone needs to kick his ass. No, let me guess --- instead of acting like a man in love is supposed to act (complete with jealousy and posessiveness) ---- Eric will get preachy and judgmental? He'll tell her she's not being a "good" person? If that happens, Nicole should bang Vargas on Eric's desk and be done with it.

I can definitely tell Eric is related to Will with the non-action, non-reaction personality. Act like a man, Eric. Not like the Pope.
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