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Apr 3 2013, 07:49 PM
Anyway, I do hope Brady dumps Kristen's ass if she's insane enough to downgrade like that. Now if Kristen wants to go chasing after him for a few months after realizing that he is simply 1000 times the catch John is, I'm open. But Brady is gonna need a new girlfriend in the interim to make her jealous.

John and Marlena will make it through this. But this pisses me off on multiple levels. And for God's sake, keep "Roman" far away from Marlena while you're at it. He's simply the all-time worst.
Fauxman is just disgusting, and I agree the writers would do well to keep him from Marlena. Now, if Wayne played Roman, then we would have a great quad that made Days the talk of the early 90's with all the angst and conflicted emotions among fans, but Josh Taylor has the role and Corday won't change that.

IF John sexes Kristen up just to prove a point, then Marlena should focus on her practice again, get crazy ass patients to spice things up, and have independence as a character for a while. I have always loved Marlena when she is strong and self-determined, and I would, even though a devout J&M fan, be at the point of puking is John goes through with this. :yuk:

Sure, re-unite them once the smoke clears after a year and John begs for forgiveness to no avail for a while. Have John TRY to win Marlena back, but prove she can save her own ass without him first, and put him in his place.

That's how i see it.
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