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Director: Albert Alarr
Scriptwriter: David A. Levinson

Segment 1: Sy, Marlena & Kristen - Repeat of last scene.

Will - You already told me that Rafe and Grandma know I signed away my rights. Sonny - They do but that's not what this is about. Will - Are you worried that they're going to make trouble with Nick or something. Kate comes up to them in the coffeehouse - Are you two okay? Will - I don't know, why don't you tell me.

Chad is at the nurse's station talking to Cameron. Theo told me that we were his favourite uncles so I was thinking we could all spend some time together. That's fine by Cam. Chad asks if tonight would work. Abe told me there's this spring festival thing going on ... Cam can't. I have to work. Maxine tells Cam they're looking for him in the lab. Cam asks Chad to tell Theo he's sorry. Another time okay? After he leaves Chad asks Maxine if she's always this tough on her doctors, making them work double shifts. Maxine - This is a hospital not a diner, slim. Double shifts are against policy. Chad - Are they allowed to work at other hospitals then? Maxine - Not if they want to keep their licence. Working at more than one hospital at a time is against state law.

Abby & Jen - Repeat of their last scene.

Chloe claims she doesn't know what Dan is talking about. Whatever is going on with Jennifer is not my fault. As you're so fond of telling me, it's none of my business. I'm getting really tired of you blaming me everytime that woman has some sort of a meltdown. Dan - You did nothing to upset her, really? Chloe - For the last time I didn't do anything to upset Jennifer not that I expect you to believe me. Dan - Maybe because you never give me a reason to. Chloe - Why are you so being so mean to me? Dan - Because I just want the truth from you once ... Chloe - Which truth is that? The truth that Jennifer gave you. What did she say to you this time? Dan - Forget it. It's not important. Chloe - I think it's important since you're pointing a finger at me. I have a right to know ... Dan snaps - I said forget it. I'm not having this discussion with you. I made an assumption about some things that I was obviously wrong about so there you go. Chloe - Is that your attempt at apologising to me? Dan - Do not push me. Chloe - Fine. Dan - Since I cancelled my trip to San Francisco I'm going to go to New York. I've got the next few days off. I can spend them with my son. That's exactly what I'm going to do. Chloe - No, you can't.

Marlena looks at the envelope - What is this? Sy - Something I think will interest you. Kristen mutters - Damn it you idiot. Sy - I really want you to have this Dr. Evans. You need to see what's inside. Marlena - Mr. Miller, I understand you're anxious, even eager, to start therapy but to approach me outside the office is inappropriate. Sy - I know that. I get it but if you could just make an exception in this one case and look inside the envelope. Marlena - I'll see you at 3 o'clock in my office. She leaves. Kristen turns and runs into EJ - Not now! Damn it (she can't see either Marlena or Sy).

Abby doesn't understand. I thought ... Jen - I know what you thought but you thought wrong because I realised that I don't love Daniel. I care about him obviously but what I really feel for him is not love and now he knows that. Abby - You told him that! Mom, that doesn't make any sense. Did something happen? Recall of Chloe's ultimatum. Jen can't explain this to her. Abby asks her to try. Jen - I realised that Daniel and I were moving so quickly and we got caught up in the idea of having a relationship and being together. And I was needy and desperate to fill this void but I never considered how I really felt. Abby - This is about Dad, isn't it?

Segment 2: Will - Sonny was just about to tell me something about you and Rafe and I think he's afraid that you and Rafe are going to do something to Nick. Kate - I really wish you hadn't said anything Sonny. Sonny - Sorry, I don't want to keep secrets from Will. Rafe comes in - Hey. Will - How's it going. I'm glad you're here. Maybe you can tell me what's going on 'cause no one else is willing to. What's going on between the two of you?

Abby - You're feeling guilty about moving on from Dad. Jen - I don't want you to start worrying about this because I'm fine. Abby - No you are not totally fine. We have talked about this. Dad would have wanted you to be happy and Daniel makes you happy. Jen - Stop! I don't want to talk about this anymore. Please, I'm begging you. Abby - Okay fine. I'm sorry for pushing you. Is there anything I can do. Jen - Yes, I want to be alone. Abby - If you do decide you want to talk ... Jen - You will be there, I know. Abby - Yeah I'll be here always. I love you. They hug. Jen - I love you too. Abby leaves. Jen cries over the bouquet Dan left behind.

Dan - I don't understand. Why shouldn't I go to New York? Chloe - I'm not saying you shouldn't go ever. Dan - Just not now. Chloe - No, it doesn't make any sense. It's a lot easier if I ask my mom just to bring Parker back here that way you don't have to take time off work. Dan - I already have time off. Chloe - Well, I can't go with you. I miss our son too. If you stay here at least it will give me a legitimate reason to ask my mom to bring Parker back here sooner rather than later. Dan - Okay. I won't go to New York. I'll wait for Nancy to bring home to Salem but I'm not going to wait that long to talk to him. He picks up his phone. Chloe - Do you want me to call him 'cause she always answers when I call so let me do it. Nancy answers in Portuguese. Hi Mom, it's me. Nancy - Hi honey. YOu sound a little strange, is everything okay. Chloe - Oh, that's great. I bet he's having a great time. How's the weather in New York? Nancy - Tropical. Chloe - Well Daniel's here and he wants to talk to Parker. Chloe tells Dan she's getting him. Nancy - Say hi to Daddy. Parker - Hi Daddy. Dan - Hey Parker, are you having a good time in New York. Parker - Not New Werk. Dan - You're not in New York? Where you at big guy?

Segment 3: Dan - So where are you if you're not in New York? Nancy grabs the phone. I'm so sorry. He's just so tired. We were out seeing the sights today; the Empire State Building, Lincoln Centre. That's why he said what he said because he's just so tired. Dan - Sounds like fun. Where are you now. Nancy - Home, at the apartment, in New York. Where else would I be? Dan - Okay I get it. Parker understands that he's at Grandma's house, he just doesn't get that the apartment is in New York. Nancy - Yes. That's why he said what he said - so cute. Parker, tell Daddy that you love him. Parker - I love you. Dan - Tell him Daddy loves him back. Nancy - We really have to go. Craig and Joy are waiting for us at the Zoo in Central Park. Dan - Have a great time. Nancy - We will. Bye Daniel. Dan thanks Chloe. Chloe - Do you feel better now that you heard Parker's voice? Dan - I always do. Chloe - Listen, about this whole situation with Jennifer. Dan - You need to go. Chloe - What? Dan - You need to get out of my place today. I know your apartment in your new place is ready so I need you to pack and go. No more stalling please. Chloe - I'm not ... Dan - I want you to leave your key because I don't want you to be tempted to come back and use it like you did the night I was drunk and you ... Chloe - And I kissed you. You can say it. Dan - The sooner you're in your own place the better it will be for everyone. Go! I want you to pack now! I don't want you here when I come back. He leaves slamming the door behind him. Chloe - Damn it! I'm not giving up on you Daniel. She takes off.

Kate to Rafe - Sonny wants to tell Will ... Sonny - The truth so you two can tell him or I'll have to tell him. Will - Would somebody please tell me because I'm starting to freak out a little bit here. Rafe - I don't think there's any reason to freak out. Will - Then just tell me please. Kate - Will, the truth is, Rafe and I are seeing each other. We have a relationship. Will - Sonny, what's really going on. What are they really doing? Sonny - Each other.

Kristen - That stupid idiot got away. EJ - Which stupid idiot are you talking about? Kristen - EJ, I don't have time for this. I have to find a ... EJ - Nope, no, no, no. Kristen - No, what? I haven't said anything yet. EJ - I can see it in your eyes. Whatever you're thinking I'm not getting dragged into it. Kristen - You're already dragged into it. You know why? You owe me. I'm calling in a chip.

Jen picks up the necklace Dan gave her and sits in Gram's chair. There's a knock on the door. It's Chloe. Whatever you said to Daniel before, it wasn't enough. So it's time for you to stop playing games and do what needs to be done.

Segment 4: Chad runs into Abby outside the Pub. Hey, I was just about to call you. Abby - What's up? Chad - Do you realise there's something going on with Cameron? Abby - Why do you ask? Chad - I've been bugging him to spend some time together. Today I wanted him to spend some time with me and Theo; he totally blew me off, said he had to work. Abby - Because he does have to work. He's been pulling a lot of overnight shifts lately. Chad - Not at the Salem Hospital. Maxine told me that they don't allow their doctors to work double shifts. Abby - He's obviously been working at another hospital in the same area helping out. Chad - I thought so too but Maxine told me that would be against state law. Abby recalls the money exchange. Chad - You're worried about him too.

Will - Oh come on. No. You guys aren't doing ... you're not. Kate - Stop alright. The truth is we're together. Sonny - I wouldn't have believed it either except I happened to walk in on them. Will - Where? Rafe - It doesn't really matter. Will - Where? Sonny - Gabi's room. Will - Why were you guys having sex in Gabi's room. Kate and Rafe both reply - We weren't! Sonny - You probably would have if I didn't walk in. Rafe - Stop it. It's really no one's business but mine and Kate's. Okay. Sonny - I understand that but I don't want to keep any secrets from Will. Rafe - Obviously. Kate - Okay, look, the important thing here Will is that none of this becomes public knowledge. Will - Why, because of my mom? Kate - That's one of the reasons. It's just imperative that no one knows. Will - I wish I didn't know. He gets up and leaves. Kate rounds on Sonny - Do you see what you did? Are you happy now?

Dan is sitting on a chair near the nurse's station going through charts. Maxine sits next to him - So you never went out west, huh. Dan - No. Maxine - You look like hell. You know I'm not one to be nosy ... Dan - You? Never! Maxine - Are things okay between you and Jennifer? You know I'm just going to keep asking until you start talking. Dan - Things are a little tense right now but we'll work things out. Maxine - I know you will. You're too smart to let a woman like Jennifer slip away. Whatever's wrong, you ARE going to fix it. She walks away. Dan - Yes I will.

Jen - I don't know what to tell you. I don't know what you want me to do. Chloe - I want you to try harder Jen. I need you to actually break his heart. You need to make it clear to Daniel that there's no hope for you now or ever. Jen - This is insane. Chloe - If you don't, I'm out of here. I'm gone and I will make sure Daniel never sees his son again. Jen - How can you be so cruel? Chloe - I'm being a nurturing mother. I'm doing what any good mother would do to make sure her son doesn't grow up without his father. Jen - You keep telling yourself that but you know the truth deep down that this is so selfish and horrible and disgusting. Chloe - What you're doing is pointless and pathetic. She waltzes in and picks up the necklace. Very beautiful and elegant. Where did you get it? Jen - Daniel gave it to me. Chloe - Did he? When? Jen - At the cabin. Chloe - And you didn't think to give it back to him! I thought you understood. I thought you were serious about Daniel keeping Parker in his life. Jen - I am. Chloe - Then prove it. She screams - Give the necklace back and end things definitively, permanently NOW! Jen - I can't hurt him like that, please, I can't. Chloe - Wow. Anne Millbauer was right about you. You are selfish and cowardly and you would let Daniel lose his son because you won't do the right thing. Because you don't have the heart or the guts! Jen - The right thing! This is not the right thing. If you think it is not only are you sadistic and twisted, you are delusional. Chloe - What I am is on the next flight to Brazil. Have a nice life.

Marlena is strolling through the square when the receptionist calls and tells her Mr. Miller cancelled his appointment. Marlena - Well that's surprising considering how much he wanted to see me in therapy or so he said. Marlena will be back in about an hour. EJ asks her for a moment of her time. Marlena has a minute, a patient just cancelled. What do you want? EJ - I have something important that I need to talk to you about.

Sy comes into Marlena's office. I hope you don't mind that I let myself in Dr. Evans, your receptionist wasn't out front. Kristen turns around in her chair - The good doctor's out. Sadly for you, I'm in.

Segment 5: Rafe is outside the coffeehouse with Will. I understand this is a little unexpected for you. Will - Unexpected? No not really. My mom's ex-husband is sleeping with my Grandma, why should that be surprising? Rafe - I'm sorry if it upsets you. Will - Not sorry enough to stop doing it. Rafe - No. Will - I don't really want to talk about this anymore. Rafe - Well guess what Will, neither do I but the bottom line is this, no matter what's happening between me and your mom and no matter what she's doing in her life, or I'm doing, I care about you and I always will. Will - Thanks, I'm really moved. Rafe - Which is precisely why I want to know what happened with you and Nick and Gabi and the baby. How the hell did Nick get you to sign away your parental rights?

Jen - Chloe wait. I will break things off with Daniel permanently just like you want me to. Chloe - Good, you finally got the right idea. And just remember, if you blow things the second time it will be on you that Daniel never sees Parker again until he's old enough to look for Daniel himself, not that he'll want to. Jen closes the door and holds the necklace close.

EJ and Marlena sit at on of the tables outside. EJ - So you don't mind if we talk here? Marlena - Not at all. What's on your mind? EJ - I want to talk to you about Samantha. I'm sure you're aware that she's moved into my father's house with the children. Marlena - Are you hoping for my opinion on that? EJ - No but it's important to me that you understand that I love your daughter very much and I'm in this relationship for the long haul. It's wonderful for not just the two of us but also the children as I'm sure you can appreciate. Marlena - I'm very pleased for the children. EJ - Good. I'm glad to hear that and I trust that you won't do anything to stand in the way of our happiness, Samantha and myself of course. Marlena - Samantha's happiness is the most important thing to me. EJ - I'm glad to hear you say that because she needs your love and your support and I think it would mean a tremendous amount to her if you would just take a moment to stop at the mansion and wish her well. Marlena - Absolutely not.

Sy - What are you doing here? Where's Dr. Evans? Kristen - It's not important. What is important is that you get it through your head that screwing with a DiMera is just not kosher. In fact, it's one of the stupidest things a person can do. Now that we've established that, I want the photos. I want the copies of the photos. Now we can do this easy way or the hard way. Sy - Look, you don't understand. Kristen - Oh I understand completely. You think that you're calling the shots, don't you Sy? You think that pompous bag of wind, aka Dr. Evans, is somehow going to protect you when you give her the photos of me paying you for assaulting Brady, but you've got to guess again because neither Dr. Evans nor the Salem PD has ever been remotely effective at keeping my family in check. One phone call to my daddy and you're going to find yourself in a very, very precarious situation. You might even find yourself dead. You don't want to die do you Sy. So what do you say we settle this once and for all.

Segment 6: Chad and Abby walk into the square. Abby - I am worried about Cameron. There's something in his expression when he talks about how busy he is that just ... I think he might be in some kind of trouble. Chad - What kind of trouble? Abby has no idea. But I have to find out. How else am I going to help him.

Will - Talk about a change of subject. Rafe - Yeah it is. I'm asking you because I care about you. Will - You know the answer. Rafe - You know I'm your friend. Will - Yeah but you're also Gabi's brother and she's your priority. I respect that okay. Rafe - I'm not going to argue with you on that but you know that Gabi would never do anything to keep you away from that child no matter what papers you signed. Will - I hope so.

Kate - I have to wonder why you're so interested in what I do? Sonny - I'm not. I'm interested in Will's peace of mind and if the situation continues to go like it's going he's going to lose his child. Kate - Really? I'm well aware of his situation. Sonny - I thought you'd be a little more focused on helping him and only him. Rafe and Will come back inside. Kate - Sweetie, I understand that you're going through a lot in your life right now and I don't want to add to that but it's also very important that you understand that discretion is needed in this situation. Stefano is home, your mother is living under his roof ... Will - I won't say anything. Kate - Thank you. Rafe - We should get going. They leave. Sonny - I'm really sorry I didn't tell you sooner. That was really awkward. Will - Don't worry about. I can't be mad because I've been keeping something from you too. Sonny - What?

Abby and Chad see Cameron in the square and start following him.

EJ - I certainly understand your reluctance to come ... Marlena - Reluctance? I am adamant that I will never again, for any reason, go near that place. Your sister lives there. I've got to get back to work. She leaves. EJ smirks. Hope I gave you enough time Kristen.

Kristen - You asked me for more money. Sy - And you turned me down, remember? Kristen - I did but guess what, I'm going to make you an offer. Sy - How much? Kristen - How about 5 thousand dollars in unmarked bills in exchange for the photos, and all the copies of the photos including those on the hard drive. Then you have a choice to make. Either you keep your mouth shut or I can shut it for you permanently. Do we have a deal? He hands her the photos and takes the money. Kristen - Now get the hell out of here. Sy - Yes ma'am. He leaves. Kristen looks at a wedding photo of John and Marlena. Now look at them. The perfect couple ... she slams the photo down ... not.

Sonny - You asked Stefano DiMera to help you get Nick out of the way, really! Will - I know you don't approve but trust me you have every right to be angry at me but I do not have another choice. Sonny - You're doing this because of what Nick called me, aren't you?

Dan is on the phone. Yes, Ms Lane will be picking up her keys today. Great. This is great, getting Chloe in her own place, Step 1. Jen walks up - Daniel.

Segment 7: Rafe and Kate are in the park. Rafe - I tend to trust Will. I don't think he's going to say anything to Sami or anyone else for that matter. Kate - I don't know. Maybe it doesn't matter; maybe all this sneaking around is going to prove futile. Rafe - Why do you say that? Kate - Because I know we're being careful, I know we're keeping it under wraps but maybe we're just kidding ourselves. Rafe - About? Kate - Stefano. Maybe he already knows.

Will - You don't know; I would have done this no matter what. What Nick said about you was terrible but this is about me. I have to be a part of my child's life. Sonny - But involving the DiMera's? What if Nick gets hurt? Will - Well it's not what I want. Sonny - Like you said I don't think you have any other choice.

Marlena returns to her ofice and sits at her desk. She sees the overturned photo.

Sy counts his money. This isn't going to be enough; not even close. I can't get caught by Miss Guerilla DiMera either. Damn. I'm going to have to find another way.

When Kristen comes into the living room of the DiMera mansion EJ comments that it didn't take her very long. Everything go to plan? Kristen - Yes, thanks to your assistance. EJ - Are you going to tell me exactly what's going on? Why it's so important for you to get to know this particular patient of Marlena's. Kristen - No, patience is a virute Eeej and it will all be revealed in time. EJ - Just as long as it doesn't in any way interfere ... Kristen - Would you please stop worrying about you and Samantha. I'm not going to do anything to screw up your relationship besides isn't your love for one another sacrosanct, beyond what any man can tear asunder. After EJ leaves the room Kristen talks to herself. Now that that little problem is solved, on to the next step of my audacious, crazy plan. She pulls out a box from the desk drawer and opens it and smiles.

Jen - I'm really glad I found you. Dan - So am I. There's something I want to say to you. (Chloe lurks and eavesdrops) I am not giving up on us Jennifer. Jen - Can you please ... don't make this harder. Dan kisses her.
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