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LOVED the Rate/WilSon scenes. Very funny stuff...But that's all I liked, which makes me sad because I love Kristen. I am intrigued by that little mystery box, though.

Waste of Marlena today.

I just fucking can't with this Tannifer bullshit anymore. I exercise while I watch so FFWD is no longer an option for me and these last few weeks have been fucking TORTURE!!! I officially hate Jennifer more than I hate Sami. Wow. Please someone kill this bitch. And just to be sure...kill her again afterwards.

WTF is goign on? This show like many of you reeled me back in with a good like 2 week stretch or so...then it just died. And to know there is at least 4 months of this bullshit is just too much. Please let SOMETHING happen with Vargas, Nivk, Kristen or Stefano soon. Something good because I can't stand it any more. I need someone to have a plan that I can SEE on screen! Like...months ago.
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