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I hated Alex North because it made not a DAMN bit of sense. It was like DAYS did a parallel universe storyline of what actually happened in Marlena's backstory. She really did have an affair with one of her college professors (who was married, if I remember correct, but I might not be), but he wasn't Alex North. It's like Kate Roberts was kinda-sorta "supposed" to be Kate Winograd, but she really isn't. lol And Marlena had a marriage she didn't remember? Completely invalidating Don, Roman, and John? mmmmkay And I hate the old "we've been married for 300 years suddenly suddenly find out it wasn't legal & have to do it again... but do we really want to?" trope. I hated with Bob & Kim did it on ATWT. I hated with Tom & Alice did it on DAYS.
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