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Apr 4 2013, 11:00 AM
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I hated Alex North because it made not a DAMN bit of sense. It was like DAYS did a parallel universe storyline of what actually happened in Marlena's backstory. She really did have an affair with one of her college professors (who was married, if I remember correct, but I might not be), but he wasn't Alex North. It's like Kate Roberts was kinda-sorta "supposed" to be Kate Winograd, but she really isn't. lol And Marlena had a marriage she didn't remember? Completely invalidating Don, Roman, and John? mmmmkay And I hate the old "we've been married for 300 years suddenly suddenly find out it wasn't legal & have to do it again... but do we really want to?" trope. I hated with Bob & Kim did it on ATWT. I hated with Tom & Alice did it on DAYS.
Also, how did no one else in Marlena's life not know about this marriage? She had parents and a sister and they never knew she got married and had a baby and got the crap beaten out of her and then had hysterical amnesia for a few decades? Meanwhile, they never mentioned that baby again. Age wise it was stupid too. She was in her 40s in those flashbacks they used.

And Marlena had a baby with Alex? Whoa... wait... Much like Marlena, I've clearly blocked ALL of this from my memory. I think I wasn't watching during the bulk of this (for whatever reason). Did they ever say what happened to the kid? I swear that I've never heard mention of this child ANYWHERE.
IIRC, that lady who knew Alex and Marlena when they were married said the child died as an infant. Marlena made no effort to find out more about it. She didn't even know if it was a boy or girl.
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