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Apr 3 2013, 09:18 PM
I kind of agree with everyone here on Wilson and Brian argument which is weird since y'all disagreeing. I'm like all of the above. :shrug:

Did Brian actually say that he and Sonny had sex?
Did the Brian and Will scene needed to happen for Will and the audience to think sex happened after that very hot kiss they had and leaving together arm in arm?
No, Will already would assume that and we the audience would have assumed it too if we hadn't seen what happened.
Did he implied it?
Was it wrong?
Yes. He was being cruel bitch but I can't blame him really. Sonny is hot and smart and available despite being vulnerable at the them. All is fair in love and war right.
What was the point of Brian and Will scene?
To show Brian being cruel and taunting Will. If Sonny finds out about it, I can see Sonny not seeing Brian as a nice guy based on that. I don't think Sonny would like anyone being mean to his man. The dude is very protective of him. Even Grandma Kate doesn't face him.
I'm I a Wilson fan?
Hell yes.
I'm I happy that Brian is Back?
Hell yes. Brian being in the picture means that Wilson and their relationship is getting focus instead of baby story that is terrible. I rather watch three hot guys and their jealousy and angst issues then Wilson having scenes with Gack or being ignored as a couple like the show has been doing. Can't wait to see jealous pissed off Will.

Bring it Brian. :popcorn:

brian is not needed if they continue this I am off fed up with this brian thing !
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