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Apr 4 2013, 08:31 AM
Apr 3 2013, 01:34 PM
Apr 3 2013, 01:24 PM
What I'm not looking forward to is the Hope storyline. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Bo & Hope, but I have a feeling that Hope & Ciara may go to visit Bo wherever he is, and Hope will come back ready to divorce him. :scared:
Why would Hope go visit Bo & then come back wanting to divorce him? She's the one that gave him the green light to go chase after Stefano, and why would she be annoyed that he wanted to spend an extended amount of time with their son, his wife, and their daughter (Bope's grandchild) that they haven't seen in years?? not to mention that Bo & Hope aren't technically married, unless something happened we don't know about.
it would make more sense that Hope tells Ciara that they're gonna go visit Bo, but when Hope goes to call Bo to tell them that they're coming, she can't get through to him, & when she calls Shawn, he tells his mom that Bo left weeks ago to chase after a lead & that he hasn't heard from him either.
That could be as well. My thought was that if they are going to have Hope as a single-woman, they'll need to address her and Bo first. Either kill him off and alienate the Bope fanbase more than they already have - if that's even possible - or have them divorce for whatever reason and have Hope free to move on to another love-interest. If he's missing I would imagine Hope would go looking for him, but with these writers, who knows. Besides, if Bo is indeed chasing after Stefano, shouldn't he look in the DiMansion where Stefano is living again? :biggrin:
i don't think killing Bo off would alienate the Bope fanbase. Most at this point just want Kristian to have a story. Yes, we ultimately hope that Peter will return, but half our couple is still there, & she deserves more than what she's been given. Having Bope divorce, on the other hand, would make the Bope fans pissed at TPTB, especially since it would make absolutely no sense. If Bo is missing, then Hope would for sure go running off trying to find him. I believe Bo wanted to go find something on Stefano so he could finally put him in jail, not find Stefano himself.
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