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Mar 29 2013, 11:16 PM
The girls are way better, but they obviously put through a group of OUTSTANDING girls and a group of mediocre boys - most gay (not getting the girl sex vote), not that cute, not that talented, and not even that likable.
Yep. I think it was intentional. It's making this a very boring season for me. I think the girls are great, but we needed some decent guys too. The only one I liked was Paul.

I think Burnell is terrible. I hate his voice, he does some weird sound that drives me nuts. He also doesn't pronounce a lot of words right. Lazaro forgetting words this far in is ridiculous and he isn't great either. I prefer him over Burnell though.

The other thing that is lacking this season is personality. Last night we did get to see more of that with the segments of them talking about each other, so that did help somewhat.

And yet another problem, is the themes and song choices. They don't need to do the Beatles and Motown EVERY SINGLE YEAR. It's getting old and they never pick the best songs.

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