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The hospital scenes were so painful to get through. I don't know what was worse: Jennifer's shrieking or every staff member on the floor watching the train wreck. Get back to work, people! Jennifer looked completely pathetic. As did Daniel, begging her to reconsider. This storyline is doing nobody favors. Not even Chloe. Her plan makes her look like an idiot. And Jennifer and Daniel seem like bigger idiots for falling for it. Who do Tomlin/Whitesell want us to root for? It's not easy to identify. Not at all.

I hate that Lucas is opposed to using Stefano in order to help Will. I get there is no love loss between Lucas and the DiMera family, but Lucas used to be a bad boy as well. And it's his son we're talking about. Lucas should be doing anything and everything he can to help Will. Just like Sami is doing. If that means working with the devil (the DiMeras), then so be it. The only way I would've accepted Lucas being opposed is if he suggested turning to Victor instead of Stefano. That didn't happen though. And it sucks because I really want to see Lucas forcing himself to put his hatred for EJ aside for Will's behalf.

So Chad rides a motorcycle? Interesting. Probably the only interesting thing we've learned about him since he arrived four years ago. And did anyone else notice the look the doorman gave Chad when he and Abigail arrived at the strip club. He totally gave Chad the up-down! Probably figuring Chad came for the male entertainment, yet Chad had no idea what he was about to walk into, LOL!
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