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Apr 4 2013, 06:20 PM
Apr 4 2013, 06:12 PM
Apr 4 2013, 01:40 PM
Stefano is not the last resort though. The show has not done anything to prove that. Ever sense Nick blackmailed teamwill, they hadn't really done anything to fight back except an attempt at break in which Lumi was almost able to get the evidence. I can understand Will not thinking clearly. He went from defeated and depression to all guns blazing.

Before going to Stefano, they can try breaking in again or going to Roman, Hope, Victor. Is Roman really going to turn his grandson in for old crime. He can easily get rid of the evidence. Likewise Hope. Then, they can go to Justin to deal with the legal aspect. Sami is known for bad ideas, Will like I said is not thinking clearly but why are Lucas and Sonny agreeing. Why did Sonny stop pressuring Will to seek his father or hasn't mention his Uncle.

It's clear that the show wants Stefano involved probably for some future story line but they could at the very least have teamwill try these other options and come empty handed for one reason or the other that could be somewhat convincing.

EJ, I think your're hot but get over yourself. Lucas should definitely be aware of everything that is going on. Will is his son and his grandchild is involved. Lucas doesn't have anymore big mouth then your dear Samantha.
Hope is on Team Nick. She will not help Will.
There is no Team Nick!
Hope will be on Nick's side. She would not help Will.
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