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I'm brand new to this so I hope I doing this right :) Will has a face to face confrontation with Brian. Awwww this is like a breath of fresh air to me. First of all I only started watching Days was for WilSon I absolutely love them! Im an 18 year college student and work full time so I watch on youtube and on an occasional day off but ive been following days since late October I believe and I'm just gonna give my opinion of the overall show starting with the boys. I'm a WilSoner don't get me wrong but I don't hate Brian I welcome him with open arms because it gives Will and Sonny a story outside of this baby drama. I'm hoping that with this confrontation Brian calls Will on not being a good boyfriend for Sonny,( sleeping with Gabi, lying to Sonny etc.) And Will acknowledges this but doesn't get all mopey but stands up for his love for Sonny, I really hope this is drawn out and not just a "I love Sonny" and thats it. I also hope Sonny is around maybe in the back ground to here all this, and then a nice talk about there relationship outside of CG that way they can make love, that would be thenlogical conclusion to this little spoiler but they can be so misleading. I really appreciate Brian as well because it puts another demintion to WilSon just like any other couple on Days someone coming between a great couple only to make them stronger in the end. I'm just so sick of the Gabi-ass-kissing- going on I mean when is she gonna get hers?? Soon I hope. Gabi gets what Gabi wants and dosent give a damn about anyone else. I hate her more than Nick at least Blake Berris is a good and convincing actor I hate Nick but am drawn into his scenes that's called acting. And Nick has had this agenda all along he was written into a villian, Gabi is selfish and stupid and I am so sorry but Camila Banus just sucks. (P.s.Days just because someones pretty doesn't mean they can act) I hope they write Gabi off like the kids like Will has to pick up Ari from Gabi but you don't actually see her or they get a new actress. Loving Ejami cause it reunites Ejill and Wills usually better with Sami when E.J's around. Wow this much longer than I thought it would be sorry :huh:
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