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Lucas went to jail for his son. Will has this problem because of EJ and Stefano. Now Sami has to simper and kowtow to EJ because she prevented a custody suit by explaining the situation to the father of two of her children? EJ is actually upset because he knows Lucas can point out just how stupid this plan is, and if he finds some hand puppets he could explain it in a way that even someone as dense as Sami could understand.
How exactly is this Stefano and EJ's fault? did they pull the trigger for Will or blab their fucking mouth off for Nick to hear? and going to Stefano was Sami's idea.
torcher(steve), car tampering(Max and Steph), bombs, repeated attempted murders(John, Lucas, Belle, Steve, Kayla), Roman buried alive,murder(Benji), blackmail, several kidnappings(Steve, Lexi, Tek)stalking. Will didn't pull that trigger because he was taking Hope's bumpit pills. He pulled that trigger to protect his mother, and because of the repeated attacks on his friends and family by EJ, Andrea and Stefano. If they had left his family alone Nick would have nothing to blackmail Will with.
And what finally did it for Will was that he saw his parents who were in love and wanted to stay together being blackmailed into divorcing and shed have to marry Ej or risk their families dying
Not even Will gives himself these excuses anymore. His actions are ON HIM, what HE DID was wrong and he at least has sense enough to admit that without trying to cast blame on his victim.
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