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Their were a lot of Lucas and Sami moments I like in this episode them holding hands in the Dimera living room,Sami blocking the doorway not wanting Lucas to leave and wanting him to stick around and not wanting to let him go,Sami standing up for Lucas and being protective of Lucas coming to Lucas defense and being on Lucas side when EJ started yelling at her over taking Lucas side and started saying bad things about Lucas and got disgusted and wasn't very happy with EJ at all for saying anything negative about Lucas and made that known as well that she wasn't happy about that when he did.

I still think Sami has feelings for Lucas and still wants to be with Lucas and doesn't want things between her and Lucas to be over with and doesn't want it to end. For I can sense she still wants to be with Lucas. I like how worried Lucas was about Sami too along with Allie and Will.

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