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Apr 4 2013, 05:28 PM
Daily Spoilers week of April 8th

4/8, Nancy brings Parker back from Brazil; Jennifer makes plans; Sy calls Victor; Hope tells Brady his attacker was arrested; Vargas takes advantage of Nicole's feelings toward him.

4/9, Daniel goes to Rafe with his suspicions; Nicole accuses Chloe of messing with Jennifer and Nicole; Kate gives Gabi legal papers; Brady identifies Sy as his mugger; Sy prepares evidence against Kristen for Victor.

4/10, Daniel uncovers Chloe's deception; Jennifer turns to her mother for comfort; Sonny offers to help E.J. protect Will; Sami talks to E.J. about why they really moved back into the mansion; Nick stops Gabi from signing papers giving Will rights.

4/11, Daniel confronts Chloe about her deception; Jennifer decides to move to London; Kristen, E.J. and Sami talk about Stefano; Anne goes to the Chicago club; Stefano reaches out to Chad and Cameron.

4/12, Daniel tries to get through to Chloe; E.J., Sami and Will plot against Nick; Nicole and Vargas run into Nicole and Vargas at the pub; Abigail and Chad try to warn Cameron that Anne is about to discover his secret.
Is it just me, or does it look like we're suddenly back to getting a lot of spoilers for each day again? It's still not a complete write-up of everything that's going to happen (like we used to get from...TV Source, was it?), but it's a lot more than we received for the week of April 1st.

...maybe that means that the big secret that the writers wanted to protect was that Cameron is a stripper. (Okay, the theory that the writers were trying to protect a big secret is nothing more than speculation in the first place, but it's a pretty safe assumption, IMO.)

Or maybe it's just a fluke.
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