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Apr 5 2013, 02:56 AM
^ I can't stand Peter. The Shield has become way too cocky.
I hate Alec, but I like Peter, lol. Talla's funny for entertainment purposes, but I have no interest in seeing her win the game.

I also liked Andrew originally, but I am totally over that... the guy is way too cocky since his HOH win. He was nicer/humbler when he was an outsider, but since his HOH win you can totally tell he considers himself the "cool guy" now. He all of a sudden thinks he's something else "I'm a huge mental and physical threat" - yeah, aren't you the same guy who didn't get one question right on your own in your first HOH win? And he kept going on about how he was the one who got Liza out on the feeds the other day - bitch please, everyone was going to get Liza out. Your HOH win was a joke. Over him. Lol.
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