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Quoting limited to 4 levels deepbecause
torcher(steve), car tampering(Max and Steph), bombs, repeated attempted murders(John, Lucas, Belle, Steve, Kayla), Roman buried alive,murder(Benji), blackmail, several kidnappings(Steve, Lexi, Tek)stalking. Will didn't pull that trigger because he was taking Hope's bumpit pills. He pulled that trigger to protect his mother, and because of the repeated attacks on his friends and family by EJ, Andrea and Stefano. If they had left his family alone Nick would have nothing to blackmail Will with.
And what finally did it for Will was that he saw his parents who were in love and wanted to stay together being blackmailed into divorcing and shed have to marry Ej or risk their families dying
Not even Will gives himself these excuses anymore. His actions are ON HIM, what HE DID was wrong and he at least has sense enough to admit that without trying to cast blame on his victim.
:shrug: Will wasn't aiming at a shooting range where a freak accident caused him to miss the target and the bullet flew across town until it went through the church wall into EJ's back. Why did he take the gun, practice aiming and fireing at tin cans, put it back before it was missed, than take it again the day of the wedding, go to the church, aim at EJ and pull the trigger?

EJ wasn't an innocent victim that Will shot while trying to rob him for drug money. What I listed are some of the horrific crimes that surrounded Will, many done by EJ himself. these were ongoing attacks from every angle that drove him to attempted murder, not exuses. Why else would Will try to kill the man? That he was actually aiming for his romantic rival(Sami) and missed, because he wanted EJ for himself?
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