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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

Apr 5 2013, 07:01 AM
so sami is not allow to say anything to will father anything she does for will because he can not be trusted anyone see pattren here

ej sure like to dismiss lucas as father lot

so daniel kiss chloe i sure he still end up as the poor victim

i knew lucas will cave since he not allow to storyline

if funny lucas is only mention yell in this episode

there chance lucas might be on friday show yay

maggie :shrug:

despite i said it before i need to said it again blah fetch
Exactly...I just don't understand that argument at all....so all this is happening to pretty much get Lucas' son out of a bind but Sami can't tell Will's father what is up....yeah, that's BULLSHIT. Ej should keep his mouth shut...how would he like it if a sorased Johnny would do something similar and Lumi were together and Lucas in an attempt to help Johnny would want to go to Kate for help.....surely EJ SHOULD be privy to what is happening....since Johnny is his son....so yeah...I don't get this...Ej needs to STFU.

OH and yeah, if he would have stood firm, he would have a story but he's not allowed to you know...

I hope we get some Nick and Lucas today...I need Lucas to turn on his bad boy again and taunt that SOB, a nice, "Remember I once killed a man and got away with it.....I'll do the same to you...."

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