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Apr 4 2013, 05:28 PM
Daily Spoilers week of April 8th

4/8, Nancy brings Parker back from Brazil; Jennifer makes plans; Sy calls Victor; Hope tells Brady his attacker was arrested; Vargas takes advantage of Nicole's feelings toward him.

4/9, Daniel goes to Rafe with his suspicions; Nicole accuses Chloe of messing with Jennifer and Nicole; Kate gives Gabi legal papers; Brady identifies Sy as his mugger; Sy prepares evidence against Kristen for Victor.

4/10, Daniel uncovers Chloe's deception; Jennifer turns to her mother for comfort; Sonny offers to help E.J. protect Will; Sami talks to E.J. about why they really moved back into the mansion; Nick stops Gabi from signing papers giving Will rights.

4/11, Daniel confronts Chloe about her deception; Jennifer decides to move to London; Kristen, E.J. and Sami talk about Stefano; Anne goes to the Chicago club; Stefano reaches out to Chad and Cameron.

4/12, Daniel tries to get through to Chloe; E.J., Sami and Will plot against Nick; Nicole and Vargas run into Nicole and Vargas at the pub; Abigail and Chad try to warn Cameron that Anne is about to discover his secret.
So Vargas is using Nicole who is then going to do more Tannifer propping. Way to sink a story before its begun, DAYS. This fucking show KILLS me.

We all know Jennicunt isn't moving to London for real so this is a fucking waste too. Although I wish her plane would crash on the way there.

lol Nicole and Vargas run into nicole and Vargas? hahahahahah

The Nick shit is the only shit that sound interesting. WHY, DAYS, WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!
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