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Director: Albert Alarr
Scriptwriter: Melissa Salmons

Segment 1: Abby stops and asks Chad if he thinks it's okay to be following Cameron. Chad reminds her that they're helping him; she felt he was in trouble. The pursuit continues.

Nick is at the pub having coffee when he gets a text from Vargas. Meet in the rectory now.

EJ comes into the rectory and encounters Vargas. Vargas informs him that Father Eric is out. Vargas introduces himself to EJ. I just started working here.

Sami opens the door and encounters a very angry Lucas. He guesses it's true that she moved back in here. He goes out of town for a couple of days with Allie and this is the stunt she pulls. How could she move her kids back into this House of Horrors!

Anne, Maxine, Chloe and some nurses watch as the Dan / Jen kiss continues. Jen breaks away. Dan is fighting for them. He doesn't know why she suddenly backed off but he's not going to let her. I love you and I'm not letting you go. Dan goes on and on about all the things he loves about her. He's never loved anyone like he loves her. Jen sees Chloe watching them as Dan goes on and on about his love for her. Jen recalls what Chloe told her - break his heart. Jen tells Dan that they are done, we are over.

Chad and Abby follow Cam to his hotel room. Abby - We followed a guy who went home from work. Chad reminds her that he lied to them about working a double shift. It feels wrong to Abby. Chad feels there's something she's not telling him. Cue f/b. Abby wants to go but Chad feels Cam lied to them - they deserve answers.

Segment 2: Chad wants to confront Cameron but Abby argues this is none of their business. Chad wants to find out what's going on with Cam and doesn't understand why she doesn't, aren't you boyfriend and girlfriend? Abby - The jury's still out on that. Chad - Then don't you want to know what's up with him. Abby will talk to Cam privately. She'll tell Chad everything. Chad leaves. Abby knocks on Cam's door.

EJ hands over the architect drawings for the school. Nick shows up and sees EJ there.

Lucas is upset that he didn't even get a phone call, just a text with this address. Sami suggests that they bring Allie in from the car. She sees his expression. Where's Allie? Lucas is not dropping his daughter off at a place like this. It's not going to happen. Sami apologises. She should have told him. Lucas - Told me? You should have asked me. We talk about this. We're parents. We have joint custody. Sami - It was an emergency. Lucas - I don't care. I hate being here. I hate this house. I hate the DiMera's so forget it. You're going to be sucked into this vortex, you're not taking our daughter with you. If you stay here Sami I have grounds. He starts to leave but she grabs him. No, Lucas, you can't do that. Lucas - You've already done it. You violated our agreement. If you stay here I will sue for full custody of our daughter. Don't push me.

There's quite a crowd around the nurse's station watching the show. Dan wants to go somewhere more private. Jen isn't going anywhere with him. Just accept it! Maxine asks what's going on. Dan doesn't believe Jen. She didn't hear what he said. She heard every word now he's going to listen. We are going to settle this once and for all.

Segment 3: Everyone watches as the drama continues. Jen doesn't think Dan heard her because if he had he wouldn't have thought it was okay to kiss her like that. She accepts that she misled him but she was confused. I left the island feeling sad and empty. Dan calls her a liar. You wanted to be with me. Jen agrees but it wasn't love, it was sex. And that is great for women like Chloe and Kate, not me, I need more than that. Don't touch me!

Abby is momentarily distracted by shirtless Cam. Abby apologises - She should have called first. Cam tells her he's on his way to work. Abby was hoping they could talk about what happened between them the last time they were together. Cam assures her they're good. We don't have to talk about the thing. I know you may feel weird about it but it's not big deal to me that you're a virgin. I really like you and I want us to work out and we will but I've really got to go now. I'll call you tomorrow. He closes the door. Chad walks out from behind the corner. So you're a virgin, huh?

EJ writes a note to leave with the drawings. EJ leaves and Nick comes in and closes the door. It is stupid for us to meet here. It's stupid for us to meet at all. Vargas - It's my call. Nick - Do you understand if EJ had seen me ... Vargas - Yeah. You would have thought of something. You're a smart guy. Who cares if he'd have seen you in church. Nick - Do you have any idea who he is? Vargas - He's the DiMera son. Every con in Statesville knows that family. Nick - Do you know he lives with Father Eric's sister? Do you know he used to be married to Nicole? Vargas - The Nicole that works here? Nick - Yes. It's a small town Vargas. Everybody's in everybody else's business. There's no room to operate here. Understand? Vargas tells him he's not leaving until they get a few things straight.

Sami stands in the doorway so Lucas can't leave. You don't understand. It's clear to Lucas. You and this overgrown thug have a thing. You're in this sick, destructive, spiral of a relationship and you get off on it. Sami protests. Lucas is done trying to figure out why she keeps going back to this guy. He feels bad for Johnny and Sydney but there's one person he can save and that's Allie and that's exactly what he's going to do. Sami claims she would never let anything happen to Allie and neither would EJ, he cares about her. Lucas - With everything that's gone on in the past with EJ he can barely take care of his own kids. Sami doesn't want to make this conversation about everything that has ever happened. We're in this house - you won't let me explain why. Lucas - Okay you tell me why you're living here. Sami extolls the virtues of the house and grounds and all the amenities it has to offer. Lucas is going to leave. Sami - Okay I'm handling this badly but please don't punish Allie. Lucas - Allie not living here is some sort of punishment to you? Really? Sami - She doesn't get to live with her brother and sister. Yes, that would be a punishment. They love each other. Lucas - This isn't about the kids. This is about you, 100% about you and that's all you care about - yourself! You don't care about the kids. Sami - No, I'm here trying to save our son.

When Dan tries to reach out to her Jen backs off. You're doing it again. You're treating me like a child. You patronize me like when I told you Chloe was a scheming witch and you said you would take care of it but you didn't take it seriously. Dan - I was wrong. I kicked Chloe out. She's in her own place. She will not be a problem. Jen - Until she is because she is never going to stop. It doesn't matter because it's too late. You're so worried about pleasing people all the time that you've just become a pushover. Maggie joins the show now. Dan isn't going to let anyone get in their way. Jen - Let go of the delusion. There is no us. After Jack died I was so lonely and I wanted this to be real and I wanted you to be the answer. But you are not even half the man that Jack was and I am not going to disgrace his memory by pretending you are. Get it through your thick skull. I do not want to be with you.

Segment 4: Chad - You mean you've never ... this makes a lot of sense. When we were dating there was always something about you ... I couldn't put my finger on it ... let me rephrase that. They hide when they hear Cam's door opening. Chad covers Abby's gaping mouth when they see Cam pull out a gun.

Nick is worried someone is going to see them. Vargas tells him they have time. I'm about to get my hands on some money. That money we made in the joint was just seed money now we get to turn that into a real payday. Nick is sure Vargas can do it. Vargas can with Nick's help. Nick - I got lucky before. There's no guarantee I can make that happen again. It's a very big gamble. Are you willing to lose everything? Vargas theatens -you don't want to see me unhappy. Nick thinks he should go to another town. Vargas likes it here. He holds up a pipewrench. I deserve better than this and I'm going to get it. I have work to do now and so do you. Nick leaves.

Sami pulls Lucas into the living room and closes the doors behind them. She makes him promise not to say anything to anyone. He does. Sami makes it sound like it was all Will's idea for her to go to Stefano for help. Lucas - You want Stefano to kill Nick? Sami - Not kill him, just get rid of him, more importantly get rid of the evidence against Will. Lucas - Why don't we go back to get the evidence. Sami insists that this can't be traced back to them. Stefano has someone on the inside at the police force. That person can get rid of the evidence and no one will ever know. Lucas - So why doesn't EJ do it. Sami claims EJ doesn't know who it is. That's why I'm here, to give Stefano a reason to help us. Once the evidence and taped confession are gone Nick has nothing and we can go to court and get that agreement voided. I would make a deal with the devil himself to help. Lucas - I think you're about to and I think you're making a huge mistake.

Dan keeps arguing, Jen keeps yelling at him to take the necklace back. We are over. She throws the necklace on the floor. Anne tells Maxine - I always knew she was a bitch but this is hardcore. Dan will see ... Jen - No you won't see me because I'm quitting my job here. So do you get it now. I don't want to see you anymore. Stay away from me. She leaves. Maggie comes up to him - I'm so sorry. He waves her back. Dan looks around at everyone there and walks away. Chloe smiles.

Segment 5: Chad and Abby watch as Cam's inside the Mandalay Cafe getting coffee. They can't wrap their head around the fact he has a gun. Chad - When we were dating the reason we never ... because you were a virgin. Abby - No it was because you were a jackass and you still are. Chad you could have told me. Abby - You're looking at me like I'm an exhibit at a zoo. Why would I tell you? They hide when Chad says Cam is leaving. They rush to get Chad's bike so they can follow Cam's car.

Lucas - Even if Stefano agrees to help our son you're going to be in his debt. Sami - Better me then Will. If you have a better idea I'd love to hear it. Lucas is working on it. Sami - In the meantime bring Allie home. Lucas - Don't you ever call this mausoleum her home, it's not. Sami - This place isn't really that bad. The kids will love it. Lucas - How long? Sami doesn't know. Will's going to have to come here to so don't give him a hard time about it. Lucas won't. He'll bring Allie by tomorrow but don't ever pull a stunt like this again. Sami promises she won't. Sami tells him not to say anything to his mother. He won't. Boy, Nick's not going to see this coming.

Chloe lets herself into Dan's apt. Dan tells her it's a bad time. Chloe knows. She was there. I went to the hospital to give you my keys and I saw. I couldn't believe what Jennifer did. That was pretty out of control. You don't have to say anything and I won't either. I know what happened and I don't understand but I want you to know that I'm so sorry.

Jen is at the Horton house crying when there's a knock on the door. It's Maggie. Open this door. What in the world is wrong with you?

Segment 6: Sami has dinner for 2 ready in the living room when EJ comes home - obviously they don't have a dining room. EJ knows she did something bad. Sami insists she didn't. Then she admits she told Lucas about their plan to get Stefano to help Will. EJ is not pleased.

Nick is sitting on the park bench looking at Gabi's picture on his phone. I have to keep you safe. I can't believe Vargas is here. Think, there's got to be a way. Lucas walks up - A way to what?

Abby and Chad arrive outside some club in Chicago. Abby thinks they lost him. Chad isn't so sure. Everything else around here is closed. He must have gone in here. The bouncer looks at Chad's ID. Are you sure you're in the right place? Chad - Yeah, why? The bouncer shrugs - Whatever floats your boat. He lets them inside. They look around for Cam but can't see him. Chad doesn't see anything wrong with this place when Abby wonders why Cam has a gun with him.

Jen tells Maggie she doesn't feel well. Maggie isn't surprised. After humilating Daniel in front of the whole hospital. Jen tried to tell him privately but he wouldn't let up. Maggie - Tell him what. Jen - That I made a mistake. That I'm still mourning Jack. Maggie knows what that's like but that's no excuse for ripping a man to shreds. Jen was trying to be gentle and nice but he wouldn't listen to what she was saying. Maggie - And your only alternative was a public humilation! I have known you since you were young girl and you have never been anything but a kind and sweet soul until today. What you just did was heartless and cruel and completely unnecessary.

Chloe tells Dan it took everything she had not to yell back at Jennifer but she knew it was none of her business. Dan agrees with that. Chloe - I heard that she still blames me. Maybe I can talk to her. Dan - No, the only thing you need to do ... he gets up and opens the door ... is get out. Chloe what she said about you was so wrong. She was bitchy, ugly ... Dan - Don't you ever talk about Jennifer like that.

Segment 7: Chad gets Abby to look around the club. Abby - It's all women. Chad - Do you think it's a gay bar? Abby sees a male waiter - Definitely not, why would they hire a waiter that looks like that. Chad - Do you think Cam is a waiter here. Abby - No, he's a doctor. Let's go down the block we must have missed something. They're about to leave when the curtain goes up and the ladies start screaming. Cam dances and then starts stripping.

EJ and Sami are arguing about Sami telling Lucas. They scream at each other.

Maggie - You have broken my heart tonight right along with Daniel's. What you have done is unforgivable and you know it. She leaves. Jen cries.

Chloe apologises. I hate seeing you hurt. Dan closes the door. Chloe insists that Jen is wrong about him and she's not going to let him believe anything she said about him. You are a good man and you know what real love is. Please don't shut me out. Dan kisses her.
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