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I'm a little behind the curve, but I'm finally ff-ing through Fetchiffer. This is the first time I've ff-ed through a story on Days in a long time.

In general I haven't been too upset with the character of Jennifer. I know a lot of folks on here hate her these days. I sometimes wonder if the anti-MR feelings had a hand in the increased dislike of her character. If you put it on a chart, the lines would probably mimick one another. I felt similarly at the time (I was one who politely took her to task on Twitter and was subsequently blocked), but that initial negative feeling towards Jennifer at the time (as a result of MR) has since abated. She suitably fits the "heroine" role on the show for me, and I actually like her (and respect her) when she gets in the faces of Chloe, Nicole, and Nancy. I'm a sucker for a hero/heroine with a backbone and a brain.

But this latest turn of events is so horribly, stupidly written that I've now caught up with the rest of you. She couldn't tell Daniel on the side what Chloe had done?! And they couldn't have worked out a plan where they "faked" a break-up?! GMAFB! This is the same lazy, plot-driven writing that is currently ruining John and Marlena, with dialogue and actions being written for characters that I've known my entire life that are completely OUT OF CHARACTER.

Fetchiffer, in general, does not sway me one way or the other. I'm a J/J fan from my childhood, and Fetchiffer I could take or leave. I don't root for them, I don't root against them. For me they're just there to take up story space, and if the story is good, I will watch. And this story just got very, very bad.

I'll be skipping the rest of it until Chloe leaves (later this month I believe) and their story has been resolved. Maybe I'll tune in for the inevitable Chloe reveal/slap. But that will be it. And if John and Marlena continue to be written horribly, that will be two stories that I will be FF-ing through. Which is not a good sign for someone who has watched in some way/shape/form for 30 years.
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