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I was a Frisco/Felicia fan from the getgo, and I wanted Jack W. and Kristina to be together in real life, they were, they have two sons together, I have a feeling it was a bitter divorce, so how could Felicia pick Frisco when he hasn't been there for years, it would be hard to play love scenes with someone you once were married to and know that you're both over each other. Although I have seen divorce couples play in shows together and seem to get along, Vincent Izarry (sp) and Signy Coleman are two that come to mind they even recommend each other for roles on shows they appear on. I felt today that Jack was phony, I think because I knew he was actually play acting this role, whereas in the 80's and 90's he and Kristina were really falling in love and it showed on the show and I couldn't wait every day to see them together now I want to tell her to run run fast as you can.
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