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Apr 4 2013, 05:25 PM
Apr 4 2013, 04:35 PM
This show has become nothing but a sex fest. And full of couples I hate. My house is absolutely sparkling clean due to the fact that I will only watch Rate and Lucas in clips. Talk about the season of suck.
I would've simply liked this post, but it's Hope scenes that are the only ones I watch. Other than that, I completely agree - there's nothing but couple "drama", and none of it is really filled with any soapy goodness.
One great missed opportunity for a good soapy scene recently was Gabi and Nick's wedding at the Horton home in the lack of Kate and Rafe attending (Kate is the great-grandmother to Gabi's child and Rafe is her brother). Especially since Kate and Rafe were secretly sleeping together. There could have been some moments during the exchange of vows when Kate and Rafe looked at each other with Hope perhaps catching on. This could have led to another scene between Rafe and Hope at the Salem PD with Hope trying to warn Rafe about Kate---there is an enormous amount of history between Kate and Hope dating back to the Billie/Franco days.

I also 100% agree about the amount of sex we have seen on Days recently. While Days is a soap and sex scenes are a staple of the genre, sex does not equal romance in my book. And that's what I'm tuning in to see. I want to see playful banter, couples dealing with life issues, and characters growing as individuals in the relationship (three things I loved about Lante on GH). Another thing I loved about Dante and Lulu (Lante) that Days could use more of is the timing of the first time a couple has sex. For Lante it took them 9 months from the time they met in August 2009 to their first time in May 2010 and they had to overcome a lot of obstacles before their first time (Dante's undercover operation as Dominic Pirelli, Sonny shooting Dante and the reveal that Sonny was his father, the murder trial). It was ridiculous how quickly Bristen jumped in the sack.

Besides romance I also want to see larger than life adventures like the Cruise of Deception and real life issues such as Isabella's cancer that led to her untimely death. Both of which are sorely lacking on Days.
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