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Viewing Single Post From: GH: Frisco/Felicia/Mac spoiler

Apr 5 2013, 07:37 AM
Finally Felicia is showing some common sense. She chose Mac because he has been to hell and back with her with her daughters. Frisco didn't even come for his own daughter funeral, so that pretty much nailed his coffin.
I was :eyeroll: when Frisco was channeling Brooke Logan by snapping his fingers and poof/ all his problems with Felicia is gone/ his family loves him and needs him/ and expected Mac to step aside so that he could reclaim his destiny, LOL.
Mac was there for her and her daughters. I get that, yes. But here's the problem: he's boring. And lacks passion. And he's seriously unfunny. This ventriloquist act hasn't done the character any favors, either. He's a stick-in-the-mud. Felicia can have him for a best friend, a confidante or a rock to lean on for his loyalty.
But she needs a MAN with PASSION and FIRE and a sense of humor to not just be "loyal" like a dog, and not just a father figure, but a husband with whom she wants to have sex every night and be peeled off the ceiling from the heat afterward.

Mac can't give her that.
We can agree that Frisco might not be the best choice, given the history.

But what about another man who can come into town? She needs a casanova. Mac feels like the booby prize.

He's loyal.
He's safe.
He's sweet.

So are dogs. But that combination a marriage doesn't make.

He's got the loyalty. Now he needs to bring the HEAT to convince me otherwise. Lose the lame puppet act and SEDUCE Felicia for crying out loud. Be a man, for goodness' sake. Show me the sexy.

Ugh. I'm ranting. But you get the picture.

Any man > Mac
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